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Blizzard Celebrates 5 Years of Overwatch With From the Vault Art Print
Literally taken from the vault of Overwatch's early days of development, this print showcases a full lineup of original heroes, including Tracer, Mercy, Reaper, Bastion, Genji, Torbjorn, D.Va with MEKA, Roadhog, Winston, Symmetra, and more In addition, Blizzard has revealed a new upcoming Blizzard 30th Anniversary Binder (pre-orders begin later this month) to help fans[...]
Overwatch Launches Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge & A Short Story
Blizzard has launched a new event in Overwatch this week as you can currently take part in Symmetra's Restoration Challenge From now until November 30th you can "follow your path" and earn seven new sprays, a player icon, and the new Marammat Symmetra epic skin by completing nine victories On top of that, you can[...]
Clothing Review: Phase Two of the Jinx Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies
It's not terrible, but they could have done better. Before they nerfed her, Symmetra was one of my main characters, so I was stoked to see this blue and white hoodie with yellow trim get her costume down almost perfectly You get the Visgar symbol on the right arm along with her harmony symbol over[...]
Overwatch's Latest Update Addresses Endorsements and Changes
The system is currently being tested in the PTR servers. credit//Blizzard The update also addresses changes currently being implemented in the Overwatch PTR servers, including the changes to Horizon Lunar Colony, and the new build for Symmetra We've actually been playing on the servers this week testing her out, and to be honest, we're not fans of[...]
Overwatch Devs Throw Out More Details Over Symmetra's Coming Changes
Ever since it was announced that Symmetra would be moving to be a defensive hero in Overwatch from the support hero group, fans of the character (including us) have been worried as to what it would mean for her abilities and the way she plays in the game Some of that speculation has been quelled[...]
There also seems to be some discussions about Symmetra and Torbjörn as far as making them more "welcomed" team members that people want to play, but Kaplan didn't go into details over them. You can check out all of Kaplan's comments below.  A couple of characters who haven't really been toyed with in a while in Overwatch[...]
Blizzard Reveals Five New Skins Today For Overwatch
Today the company revealed five more on Twitter, featuring new looks for Reaper, McCree, Junkrat, Zenyatta, Symmetra You can check out the new skins right now. Only 2 more days until our cosmetics update arrives in Overwatch! Join us as we count down to their release with new item reveals every day. Today's reveal: EPIC SKINS —[...]
An Indepth Look At The Symmetra Redesign For Overwatch
This one focuses on Symmetra from Overwatch and her recent redesign In the video he detailing the adjustments and improvements that are currently being tested, along with an overview of her brand new Ultimate ability He also comments on the release time line for Oasis, Overwatch's new Control Map, and teases an upcoming feature. can't be[...]