Overwatch Launches Symmetra's Restoration Challenge & A Short Story

Blizzard has launched a new event in Overwatch this week as you can currently take part in Symmetra's Restoration Challenge. From now until November 30th you can "follow your path" and earn seven new sprays, a player icon, and the new Marammat Symmetra epic skin by completing nine victories. On top of that, you can actually learn more about the character Symmetra in the form of a new short story. The story is called Stone By Stone, written by award-winning author Christie Golden, in which she tells the story of Symmetra undertaking a transcendent journey to find understanding and compassion within. Along the way, she discovers a way to restore harmony and order to those in need. You can read that full story here, and we have a brief synopsis below along with images of the rewards and a new trailer. It's nice to see we're still getting content for the game while the devs are currently working on Overwatch 2. Something fun to tide us over until they eventually release new info, which will probably come in February.

Everything in its place. Courtesy of Blizzard.
Everything in its place. Courtesy of Blizzard.

When Vishkar Corp. inadvertently destroys a sacred statue of Aurora, the first sentient omnic, the brilliant hard-light architect Satya Vaswani—known also as Symmetra—is sent in to avert a PR disaster. She's been instructed to give the village whatever it wants—but she doesn't know what that might be. When she accepts Tekhartha Zenyatta's invitation to stay at the temple and learn about Aurora and the omnic faith, Symmetra embarks on a journey of understanding, compassion, and acceptance that results in the perfectly imperfect gift to the village, to Zenyatta… and to herself.

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