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Drag Race
Now, let's chat about this past week's episode, "The RuPaulmark Channel," and we finally get the first elimination of season 13. Image: ViacomCBS For the week's maxi challenge, all 13 queens are split into groups and tasked with over-acting in holiday movies; the Valentine's Day group consisted of Denali, Elliott with 2 Ts, Olivia Lux, and Kahmora[...]
A look at RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 (Image: VH1).
There's a fine line between mocking the construct of gender and mocking those who fall somewhere on the scale of gender different from that ascribed to them at birth, and hopefully, if GottMik really is on season 13, challenges and language in the show will change to reflect how far we've come as a society.[...]