Drag Race Season 13 E04 Review: The RuPaulmark Channel Is On the Air!

Welcome back to Drag Race, where we are off to a spectacular start – or should I say a Phenomenal start. If you didn't catch last week's episode, you should because the "Pork Chop" queens' performance felt like something straight out of All Stars and not in the second week of the regular series. Now, let's chat about this past week's episode, "The RuPaulmark Channel," and we finally get the first elimination of season 13.

Drag Race
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For the week's maxi challenge, all 13 queens are split into groups and tasked with over-acting in holiday movies; the Valentine's Day group consisted of Denali, Elliott with 2 Ts, Olivia Lux, and Kahmora Hall; the Flag day film starred LaLa Ri, Rose, Symone, and Utica Queen; and finally, the April Fool's group was GottMik, Joey Jay, Kandy Muse, Tina Burner, and Tamisha Iman.

On the runway this week, the category is "Trains for Days." Camp queen Tina Burner was the only one who took that literally and came out as a train conductor, which was appreciated, albeit disappointing that nobody else really took it that literally. At least we can always count on the camp queen to be a smart ass. Utica and Symone both took on alternative versions, with Utica wearing a version of Carol Burnett's "Gone With the Window" dress, complete with curtain rod while Symone served Black goddess with a do-rag train. Symone's do-rag was a definite fashion "do"; alongside her fabulous performance, she won this week's challenge.

Joey Jay made her train a tongue which was hella cute and straight-up rock and roll; Kandy Muse did pull something together after her look didn't work, though it wasn't polished. In a Drag Race first, GottMik walked the runway with her own blinged-out leaf blower repping the trans flag colors in a chiffon train; Kahmora looks like she turned a dragon pelt into a dress and dipped it in gold; Denali showed up as a bird of paradise and served straight up parrot with a fabulous [ostrich, not chicken] feather train.

Now, speaking of queens Denali and Kahmora, they were in the bottom owing to frankly terrible performances in the acting challenge. They had to lip-sync for their lives to 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters and from the first second of the song when Denali whipped off her train and started dancing, everyone knew she was winning that one. Bye Kahmora, mother of gilded dragons.

Though, the real gag of the episode is that Kahmora showed up to the challenge cinched and padded in woman body … playing a tree in a full green-screen suit where only her face is on camera. Ain't nobody gonna see your chicas when just your face is being pasted onto a tree, girl. If only she had taken all that time she spent getting ready and worked on her performance instead, she might not have gone home this week. But, somebody had to leave us first, and Chicago's Mackie doll will always and forever be a star. Tune in this coming Friday for the next episode, season 13's first ball challenge – the bag ball. Drag Race airs on VH1 Friday nights at 8 pm.

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