Team Reciprocity

Team Reciprocity Parts Ways With
A little bit of a shakeup when it comes to the Street Fighter V competition world as Victor "Punk" Woodley has been kicked from Team Reciprocity Punk himself is one of the best fighters currently rocking the circuit, with several First Place victories under his belt Including Final Round 2019, Combo Breaker 2019, and Street[...]
Six Invitational 2019 – Semifinals: G2 Esports vs. Team Reciprocity
We join the second of two semifinal games as we see the returning champions of G2 Esports going up against the surprise appearance of Team Reciprocity. We kicked off round one in the Clubhouse as G2 rolled in and took the first point on an attack run. Reciprocity wasn't going to be immediately taken out, however, as they[...]
Six Invitational 2019 – Quarterfinals: Evil Geniuses vs. Team Reciprocity
The fourth and final match of the quarterfinals last night has Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses squaring off against Team Reciprocity. Round one started us off on Bank as both teams scored attacker wins to make it an even 1-1 EG went on a five-game tear through the level to bring their score to 6-1 early on[...]