Team Reciprocity Parts Ways With "Street Fighter V" Pro "Punk"

A little bit of a shakeup when it comes to the Street Fighter V competition world as Victor "Punk" Woodley has been kicked from Team Reciprocity. Punk himself is one of the best fighters currently rocking the circuit, with several First Place victories under his belt. Including Final Round 2019, Combo Breaker 2019, and Street Grand Battle 2019. All of which he did under the Team Reciprocity banner after leaving Panda Global in 2018.

Team Reciprocity Parts Ways With "Street Fighter V" Pro "Punk"
Credit: DreamHack

Now it appears he's looking for a new team to compete under. Punk revealed the news on Twitter and gave them a classy goodbye. Shortly after his post, Rec's founder Chad Larsson took to Twitter to announce the economics no longer met their criteria, which is why Punk was cut.

So now, you have one of the best Street Fighter V players around, as a free agent, looking for a new team to call home. If you're ANY esports organization looking to put a bigger foothold in the fighting game market, this is your chance. There are a LOT of teams who have never branched into it, some because they never found the right person to represent them. This is understandable, as looking for individual talent to carry your brand solo can be trickier than building a team. But if there's ever a time for someone to go shopping for talent and give a major player a great deal with a near guarantee of top-tier victories, this is that time.

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