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Warframe's Open World Expansion Heart Of Deimos Is Coming In August
During TennoCon 2020 this weekend, Digital Extremes revealed that Warframe's next expansion, Heart Of Deimos, is coming this month The goal of this new expansion is to send the game into an entirely new era, which will give players three new open worlds to explore as part of their arching plan You'll have to deal[...]
Digital Extremes To Debut Warframe's Heart Of Deimos At TennoCon 2020
This week, Digital Extremes revealed that they will finally debut Heart Of Deimos for Warframe at the online version of TennoCon 2020 Like a lot of conventions this year, the devs and people in charge were forced to move the event online and push all of their plans into a different kind of reveal format[...]
TennoCon 2020 Cancels Fan Attendance Due To Coronavirus
Warframe fans will now join the millions losing out on an event due to the coronavirus, as TennoCon 2020 will no longer have an audience The word came down today during Warframe Devstream #140, where the Digital Extremes staff let fans know they would not be able to attend in person Instead, this year the[...]