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"THE BEST" in Canada Challenge The North?! | IMPACT! Highlights May 5, 2020
The North faced a team of jobbers called The Creeps in a match from Canada This match also made use of cinematic aspects like heavy editing and some special effects, but what set it apart was that the whole match featured piped-in crowd noise Actually, it would be better compared to a sitcom's laugh track,[...]
They used original production sculpts to bring The Creep to life and honor its horror roots and fans around This is a 1:10th scale piece and it is just packed with detail and showcase a haunting element of the Creep in a  cemetery He has a lantern in hand, skulls at his feet, and the[...]
NECA brings "The Creepshow" Alive with New Figure
NECA has announced that the newest remake version of the creeper will be getting the 7-inch scale action figure treatment This figure is based on the newest retelling of The Creep designed by Greg Nicotero The figure stands about seven she's tall and is fully poseable with over 25 points of articulation He does feature synthetic[...]