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Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd: Cover, John Higgins

Review: Beyond Watchmen And Judge Dredd: The Art Of John Higgins

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Beyond Watchmen & Judge Dredd: The Art of John Higgins by John Higgins is a massive, solid art book done in lovely, thick, high-gloss paper. It's made to be read on a table, being a decently large book. At a weight of roughly three pounds and with pages being 9.8" square, I could hold it […]

Lindsay Morgan Rumored To Play Batgirl In Upcoming Film

We will also likely see flashbacks to her years as Oracle--or at least The Killing Joke--but I'm extremely optimistic that we won't have to suffer through more Jared Leto Joker I'm probably wrong, but a girl can dream. Since yesterday's announcement of the upcoming Batgirl film, it has been rumored that actress Lindsay Morgan from[...]

Brian Bolland's Iconic Joker Becomes New Statue

Brian Bolland's cover from Batman: The Killing Joke has been turned into a 1/6th scale statue standing 13" inches tall It was sculpted by David Giraud and will be available July 2017.Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Bolland is one of the most critically acclaimed Batman story ever printed and was recently turned into[...]

Everything Wrong With Batman: The Killing Joke

Cinema Sins has turned their attention to the recently released Batman: The Killing Joke Based on the Alan Moore and Brian Bolland graphic novel that is considered by many to be one of the top Batman stories published, the animated film was met with mixed reviews because of the opening sequence added on But these[...]

Kevin Conroy And Mark Hamill Confirmed for Killing Joke Animated Film

Batman: The Animated Series veterans Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill will reprise their roles as Batman and the Joker in an upcoming DC Animated Universe direct-to-video adaptation of The Killing Joke.As first confirmed by Comic Book Resources, the two will return and be joined by veteran Batgirl voice Tara Strong, reprising Barbara Gordin, with Twin[...]

Is Mark Hamill Returning For The Killing Joke?

There has been no official confirmation, but Collider is reporting that longtime Joker voice and everyone's favorite Jedi Mark Hamill will reprise his role as the Crown Prince of Crime for the upcoming animated adaptation of Alan Moore's The Killing Joke Hamill made it clear through social media that he would like to return for[...]

We Be Geeks Episode 129: Agents Of The Killing Joke

Mark Hamill wants to reprise the role of the Joker in The Killing Joke really really bad The Flash has a new costume, and boy is it cool! While on the topic of Flash, team got sidetracked to Agents of Shield, Constantine, and Gotham Speaking of Gotham, Michael Chiklis is joining the cast this season[...]

Does Original Killing Joke Artwork Reveal Greater Sexual Intent For Batgirl?

But for many fans, this find will be the most surprising yet.It appears to be an original page from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke from DC Comics which differs from the final print image in the comic Brian Bolland, when shown this Twitpic, has confirmed to Bleeding Cool that it is genuine[...]

Troy Baker, The Joker For Batman Arkham Origin, Performs A Monologue From The Killing Joke

His favorite piece was the monologue from Alan Moore's The Killing Joke as Jim Gordon is going through memory lane During the panel at NYCC, Baker performed the monologue for the delighted crowd.[youtube][/youtube] Troy Baker received a lot of material from the producers of Batman: Arkham Origins for when he was going to audition for[...]