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The Liberator: Netflix Enlists Medici's Bradley James for WWII Animated Series
Netflix is enlisting Bradley James (Merlin, Damien, Netflix's Medici franchise) to take lead on The Liberator, the streaming service's four-part animated World War II drama series based on Alex Kershaw's book The Liberator: One World War II Soldier's 500-Day Odyssey Based on exclusive reporting from Deadline Hollywood, the project stems from writer Jeb Stuart (Die Hard,[...]
4 Things About Liberator: Salvation of Innocents Issue 1
There's some subtle character work here too, with Jeanette seeming more cautious and aware of the individuals on both sides following her experiences in the first volume. 3.     The Liberator Hoodie The iconography of the first series is all tied up in the mask/hoodie combo that the main characters wear There's some nice circular plotting here too,[...]
Twenty-Two Thoughts About Twenty-Two Comics – Bloodshot, Occupy Comics, X-Men Legacy, The Liberator, Batwoman, Captain Midnight, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wild Blue Yonder, Superior Spider-Man, 100 Bullets, X-Files, Vibe, Supergirl, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Judge Dredd Year One, House Of Usher, House Of Gold And Bones, Darth Vader, Mara, Baltimore And Dream Thief
But, again, such uncouth language, not fit for a lady's ears. Oh, no, apparently it is, in this scene from The Liberator #1. What is it with Bloodshot and cows? He does seem to have a thing for them Howabout a spinoff title, Bloodshot/Cow with them kissing on the front? Captain Midnight #0 also has a problem with[...]