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Shane Black Calls A Monster Squad Sequel "Interesting"

Shane Black of Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys fame says it would be "interesting" to come back to The Monster Squad.The original film, directed by Fred Dekker, was one of Black's first projects Looking back on it now, it features early versions of hallmark Black ideas and characters It was a box office[...]

Shane Black Offers The Name Of The Predator's Opponent

While chatting about with Empire (via The Playlist) about his film The Nice Guys, director Shane Black let slip the current name of the human destined to combat the alien big game hunter in his upcoming film, The Predator."The name I’ve given the [hero] in Predator right now is Quinn Mackenna," he said[...]

Shane Black Clarifies When His Predator Film Will Take Place

While taking part in a Reddit AMA yesterday (via Indiewire), The Nice Guys director Shane Black clarified that his upcoming Predator will take place in the modern day, or as he puts it "which is to say, 2018 .. We're on earth, the time is now." He also noted the events of Predators have not[...]

The Nice Guys Animated Promo Recalls 1970s Hanna-Barbera Intros

has released an animated intro for The Nice Guys which recalls the animated intros of old Hanna-Barbera adventures shows and, oddly enough, the opening narration of the late 70s cartoon Battle of the Planets Considering the film is set in the era, it's a fitting tribute:[youtube][/youtube]The film opens today.[...]

The Nice Guys Review: A Buddy Enforcer Film We Didn't Know We Were Needing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]The Nice Guys is a film that fits cleanly and snugly into writer/director Shane Black's legacy in film - and that would be he was also the fellow who brought us both the Lethal Weapon movies as well as the tragically under-appreciated Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang This time it's not a buddy cop film, but[...]

Joel Silver Berates Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe In An Attempt To Get More Retweets

In a video all about getting more people to tweet about The Nice Guys, producer Joel Silver mock-berates stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe about their Twitter impressions and mobilizing their fans.[youtube][/youtube]While funny in its own right, it also calls about to scenes in many films written by Nice Guys co-writer/director Shane Black in which[...]

Ryan Gosling Questions The Mermaids In New Nice Guys Trailers

In a new trailer for the upcoming Shane Black flick, The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling's detective skills are question as he and Russell Crowe attempt to solve a missing persons case and stop the mob from encroaching on Los Angeles in the late 1970s It seems Gosling may save the day by falling a lot[...]

Retro Nice Guys Trailer Reveals 1970s Charms

While not completely convincing as a trailer from the mid or late 1970s, this recent trailer for Shane Black's upcoming film The Nice Guys does conjure up some fond memories of the era Both tacky and charming, the trailer does a good job looking the part -- particularly with the old MPAA ratings card at the[...]

New Trailer For The Nice Guys Takes You Back To The Seventies

The new trailer for Warner Bros' upcoming The Nice Guys takes you back to Los Angeles of the 1970s, when the smog was thick and a loser could be a private eye Ryan Gosling plays that loser against tough guy Russell Crowe as a, um, tough guy hired to find a missing girl with ties[...]

The Nice Guys Red Band Trailer Will Be Your Favorite Of The Day

The red band trailer for Shane Black's upcoming The Nice Guys reveals the director of Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is back to his old tricks with a buddy/crime/action flick starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as ne'er-do-wells in 1977 Los Angeles Lots of great stuff happens in this trailer, but it[...]