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The Walking Dead Season Six Preview And More From Fear The Walking Dead
Last night was the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead which was followed by an episode of The Talking Dead where they showed a clip for the new season of The Walking Dead Here we have that clip along with the trailer for the second issue of Fear as well as some bonus material from[...]
AMC's 2015 Promo Video Includes The Multiple Dead
In their promotional trailer for the 2015 season, AMC includes clips from The Walking Dead, The Talking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead plus Humans, Hell On Wheels and more For a channel that used to be called American Movie Classics… it's got a whole lot of original programming. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Kevin Smith Sits Down With Chris Hardwick For Tonight's The Talking Dead
Geek culture icon Chris Hardwick welcomes geek culture icon Kevin Smith to the Walking Dead after party that is The Talking Dead Also guests on the show are newcomer Ross Marquand and a surprise guest Now I'm not a 100%, but it seems like whenever they have a surprise guest it means that someone is[...]
The Talking Dead Delayed An Hour When The Walking Dead Returns
Fans of The Walking Dead who also tune in for the aftershow, The Talking Dead hosted by everyone's favorite Nerdist Chris Hardwick, will have to wait an hour for their after party as AMC will be airing Better Call Saul after the midseason premiere of the Walking Dead on Feburary 8th Better Call Saul is[...]