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Full Free Comic Book Day 2021 Solicitations
The revival of Valiant's The Visitor comic happened smack back in the middle of lockdown Issues 5 and 6 were meant to have been resolicited for February and March 2021, but now are both being rescheduled for June in Valiant Entertainment's June 2021 solicitations, as well as Free Comic Book Day in August setting up[...]
Paul Levitz Gets An Extra Issue for The Visitor
When Valiant Entertainment announced their new series of December, The Visitor by Paul Levitz and MJ Kim (though Bleeding Cool somehow had a four-month lead) it was listed as a five-issue series. Well, it seems that this Visitor will be sticking around a little longer, for six issues. As a result, the Pre-Order Bundle offer that Valiant[...]
Paul Levitz and MJ Kim Reboot The Visitor at Valiant in December
In an EX-X-XCLUSIVE report confirming something Bleeding Cool reported first four months ago, sexy Dora the Explorer advocacy website The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Paul Levitz and MJ Kim will reboot The Visitor at Valiant this December Though The Visitor takes its title and some inspiration from the original Valiant comic, this is a[...]