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So What Does Bradley Whitford Have to Say About 'The West Wing' Reboot?
There has been a lot of talk of revisiting landmark television series The West Wing in some capacity, either as a reboot or a continuation The talk has come from former members of the cast, as well as series creator and writer Aaron Sorkin. It's no secret that Sorkin wouldn't mind revisiting the series, "if the[...]
So What Does Richard Schiff Have to Say About 'The West Wing' Reboot?
Could 2019 be the year of The West Wing reboot? The current political climate would most definitely lend to plenty of material for series creator Aaron Sorkin to pull from Not to mention, a revisit of the critically acclaimed series seems to be on everyone's mind recently, including some of the main cast. Like Richard Schiff, who played White House Communications[...]
Aaron Sorkin Would Love to Revisit 'The West Wing'
Dear Aaron Sorkin– we need The West Wing now more than ever, and a revisit would be most welcome in this current political climate The return of Sam, what the future will hold for Toby and Andy's kids, and the Bartlets Please? Pretty please? Writer-director Aaron SorkinPhoto by Kathy Hutchins / *** We're making this plea because Sorkin[...]
Aaron Sorkin
ME] tv series of modern times- The West Wing, The Newsroom – Sorkin is known for his walk-and-talks, and witty conversations between characters. He's also venturing into new(ish) territory with this scripted play rather than screenplay, a distinction he had a….difficult time making during a pitch meeting without sounding "condescending". In a recent op-ed piece Sorkin wrote for Vulture,[...]
Cutting the Fat: Holiday TV Episodes Too Hard to Swallow
The secondary plot of domestic violence leading to a dog mauling is not enough to save the viewer from a feeling queasy…and a bit judged. The West Wing s03e07: 'The Indians in the Lobby' can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: treaties ( can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The West Wing – President Bartlet[...]
Josh Malina Posts 'The West Wing' Reboot Fuel
In the current political climate, perhaps no series would fit the bill as well as Aaron Sorkin's masterpiece, The West Wing. Perhaps the most vocal of these is Josh Malina, host of The West Wing Weekly podcast, who was also, you know, ON THE DAMN SHOW as Will Bailey. Tonight he posted this image to twitter, knowing exactly what he[...]
Netflix CEO Has One Reason Why '13 Reasons Why' Critics Should Chill: "Nobody Has to Watch It"
Brent Bozell III in 1995, the PTC's website states the group "promotes and restores responsibility and decency to the entertainment industry in answer to America's demand for positive, family-oriented television programming." The PTC claims they accomplish this goal "by fostering changes in TV programming to make the early hours of prime time family-friendly and suitable[...]
Westwood, CA, USA; June 28, 2012; Martin Sheen arriving to the premiere of 'The Amazing Spiderman'.
Martin Sheen, who played President Josiah Bartlet on NBC's acclaimed and much-missed political drama series The West Wing, has said returning to the role would be very satisfying. Credit: Krista Kennell / In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times about the upcoming CNN special series The Kennedys, which Sheen is producing and narrating, the actor commented on[...]
Molly's Game Review: Jessica Chastain Commands Your Attention
The Social Network, Charlie Wilson's War, Moneyball — even back to his television shows The West Wing and Sports Night All of them have featured whip-smart dialogue that can cover miles and miles of plot in a matter of minutes He basically made it an art form all his own You either love this frenetic style[...]
Image Watch: Getting Into Sex With Joe Casey (Part 1)
Nor did Aaron Sorkin when he created The West Wing, I'd imagine You catching my drift? You just go for as long as you're inspired, for as long as it's fun, for as long as there seems to be an audience out there for it I certainly don't want it to end any time soon,[...]