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Doctor Who: Producer Admits Morbius Doctors Weren’t Thought Through
Philip Hinchcliffe, the producer of Doctor Who in the 1970s, has admitted that the "Morbius Doctors" moment from 1976 led to the current controversial "Timeless Child" storyline that was just thrown together and he and the writers never thought it through That moment came from the 1976 "The Brain of Morbius", a pastiche of the[...]
Time Lord Victorious Revealed In Doctor Who Annual 2021 (Spoilers)
Maybe they know that he is the Timeless Child? Which would go against everything they believe in And apparently, when they were making these judgements, the Time Lords were not yet Time Lords Could they still have been Shobogans? Would regeneration have been an affront to the Kotturah?  If they never become Time Lords, would[...]