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Catwoman turns hard drug dealer. Just say to yourself, it's all going to work out, it's all going to work out, it's all going to work out. Though I think
A Comic Show – Gotham By Midnight's Superior Spectre!
And, I couldn't help but promote IDW's Transformers Drift and TMNT/Ghostbusters. Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Black Friday getting, but we still have some great releases. DC's best book this week is Gotham By Midnight #1 headed up by Fawkes, Templesmith, and Jim[...]
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Though with all those Googoplexes, you'll probably be expected to pick up the tab. Watched the original series of Battlestar Galactica perhaps? Surely not… Steampunk Battlestar Galactica does seem to have slightly higher tech than the title would suggest… This is a TMNT/Ghostbusters crossover… so why does it look like a TMNT/Stargate crossover instead? Flesh has turned white as a ghost[...]
A Comic Show – Harley Quinn Has No Arkham Manors!
And TMNT/Ghostbusters was a lot of crazy 80's fun, and may be the last place to see the classic Ghostbusters for awhile. Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm back with another weekly A Comic Show just seven days after the last one! This week DC Comics released several new books,[...]