A Comic Show – Harley Quinn Has No Arkham Manors!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, I'm back with another weekly A Comic Show just seven days after the last one!

This week DC Comics released several new books, and gave Harley and Constantine a moment. Constantine's new show premieres this Friday on NBC and to celebrate we got a $1 first issue of both his new book and Hellblazer, and a sexy new action figure! Harley Quinn #11 features a newer 52 costume inspired by Power Girl, her new volume one is here in hardcover, and a new collection of Gotham City Sirens rounds out her week. Catwoman crime boss starts here with #35, and it gives me two things I've been longing for: a DC crime title and a good Catwoman book! Arkham Manor has Bats let the freaks stay at his home since his dad cared about the mentally ill. It had my attention since it's by Deadpool's Duggan. And then there's Deathstroke. It's not bad, in fact aspects are good like the art and action. I'm just knee-jerk not happy with the cliffhanger ending, but I'm interested in the next issue and what more hardcore Deathstroke fans think.

Over at Marvel we have Axis #3 and Axis Hobgoblin. This is the fun part of the event: villains compelled to be crappy heroes! I read the Carnage one already, and it was hilarious, Oh, and there's more Edge of the Spider-verse.

The Walking Dead is out and I didn't spoil it! Memetic from Boom! and James Tynion IV is humanity's extinction event coming from a 4chanish meme. Take that Ebola! Edward Scissorhands takes place after the movie's weird ending. And TMNT/Ghostbusters was a lot of crazy 80's fun, and may be the last place to see the classic Ghostbusters for awhile.

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