A Comic Show – Gotham By Midnight's Superior Spectre!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Black Friday getting, but we still have some great releases.

DC's best book this week is Gotham By Midnight #1 headed up by Fawkes, Templesmith, and Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre. This moody, dark Bat-book is perfect for Ben Templesmith, and is recommended for anyone who digs DC dark titles. Deathstroke #2 is here, it's fast paces and full of surprise guest stars. I'm not a fan of the direction of this younger Slade, but I did enjoy this issue more than the first. If you liked #1, you'll love this one, but I'm still on the fence. It may become a guilt pleasure though, there's no way I could not read #3 after that last page. Oh, and Batman Eternal volume 1 is here collecting #1-21.

Spider-verse's Scarlet Spiders is a group of Peter clones vs. the Inheritor clones. It takes a clone to kill a clone. Scarlet Spidey fans won't be disappointed. Superior Iron Man #2 continues Tony's bender and Daredevil's one man intervention doesn't go well.

Image's big new #1 this week is ODY-C by Fraction and Ward, it's a high concept sci-fi fantasy that's essentially the Odyssey in space and gender swapped. Ward's art works for this trippy tale the same way it did with Infinite Vacation. Check out the 4 page gatefold. And, I couldn't help but promote IDW's Transformers Drift and TMNT/Ghostbusters.

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