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Why Did Marvel Really Buy Ultraverse And Why Won't They Publish It Now?
When the late James Hudnall said as much in an article referred to in the Comic Beat in 2013, the comments saw fellow Malibu creator Tom Mason tell a different story in the comments. Tom Mason: Marvel never bought Malibu for its coloring department That was never true Marvel bought Malibu for only one reason: to keep[...]
John Paul Leon's Family Issue Statement and Fundraiser In His Memory
Donators in the last few hours have included Tom Mason, Walter Simonson, Jim Lee, Micheline Pitt, Rey Armenteros, Chris Ferguson, Kelley Jones, Dave Johnson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ford Gilmore, Don Cameron, Dennis Calero, David Hahn, George Pratt, Bryan O'Malley, Daniel Zalkus, Dustin Nguyen, Sam Humphries, David Brittingham, Schannan E Rose, David Harper, Paul Reinwand, Jeff Parker,[...]
Celebrating the Ultraverse: 25th Anniversary Panel at SDCC
It was moderated by author JC Vaughn and included various alum as panelists: Publisher Dave Olbrich; Editor-in-Chief Chris Ulm; Rick Hoberg, artist of The Strangers; Terry Dodson, artist of Mantra; Aaron Lopresti, artist of Sludge; inker Barbara Kaalberg; Ross Richie, founder of Boom! (who worked in the marketing department); Director of Marketing Tom Mason; and Ultraverse superfan Robert McGinty. Ultraverse published 30 titles a month for[...]
Falling Skies Final Season Teaser
The trailer features Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) climbing out of a pile of rubble talking about there being one last fight and how nothing will be as it was… Falling Skies returns June 28th. [youtube][/youtube] TNT has released a teaser for the fifth and final season of Falling Skies[...]
Comic Colorist Struggles To Get His Truck Repaired
A lot of families are in this situation both in and out of the comic industry… its a rough time in the world and with the holidays coming, it gets even worse. Tom Mason has been a freelance colorist for more than a decade having worked from Marvel, Image and Zenescope He colored the Jim Starlin[...]
The Return Of Tom Mason's Dinosaurs For Hire?
Dinosaurs For Hire was a comic created by Tom Mason in 1988 for Eternity Comics When Eternity became an imprint of Malibu, it was revamped as a new series and inspired a video game from Sega for the Genesis The comic then joined The Protectors universe continuity in the Malibu Genesis crossover and was cancelled again. Malibu[...]
Watch The Trailer For The First Alien Legion In Fifteen Years From Titan
Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1 lands on June 25th, a single-issue series from Titan Comics written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Larry Stroman, and Carl Potts and colors by Tom Mason The series brings back the original creators on Alien Legion, Dixon and Potts, in all new stories for the first time in 15[...]