Tony Curran

doctor who

"Doctor Who": All-Star Cast Joining "Vincent and the Doctor" Rewatch

Karen Gillen, who played Amy Pond, will also be livetweeting, as will Richard Curtis and Tony Curran, who played Van Gogh National treasure Bill Nighy, who played the museum curator and admirer of Van Gogh will also join the event Cultural commentator and TV presenter Emma Freud will also livetweet the re-watch. in all, this[...]

netflix Outlaw King

First Trailer for Chris Pine, Tony Curran Netflix Film 'Outlaw King'

Chances are, most Americans will know that historical name from 1995's BraveheartĀ and perhaps are unfamiliar with the story of the nobleman after the William Wallace time. says Outlaw King is the untold "true story" of Robert the Bruce, who transformed from defeated nobleman to reluctant King and even outlaw hero over the course of an[...]