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DC Comics Replace Pandora And The Phantom Stranger With New Trinity Team Series
DC Comics has been publishing Trinity Of Sin: Pandora and Trinity Of Sin: Phantom Stranger for a little while now, (but no Trinity Of Sin: The Question) but they were recently cancelled by the publisher. DC have now told Newsarama that in October they'll be publishing Trinity Of Sin, a new series with all three characters, Jim[...]
The Phantom Stranger Shows A Very Shaky Grasp Of Legal Matters (Spoilers)
From today's rather splendid Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger Our mysterious supernatural fellow takes Batman, Katana and Deadman to Heaven And we get, for the first time, the new rules of DC heaven And they seem to be along the lines of the Savage Dragon. And along the way, they meet the late, nice, non-rapist[...]
Trinity Of Sin And A Question About The Question – Saturday Trending Topics
These tidbits about the Trinity of Sin leave us with some questions: The Phantom Stranger is being renamed Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger. Now we have Trinity Of Sin: Pandora. Can Trinity Of Sin: The Question be far behind? Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today Sam Raimi Plans To Write Evil Dead 4 This Summer Sam Raimi's in London right now to do press on his wonderful,[...]