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David Cronenberg's 'Scanners' Being Developed For TV
which tried developing the title as a movie and then a TV series, with Rene Malo (Decline of the American Empire), Clark Peterson (Monster) and Pierre David attached as producers for both incarnations, none of which were developed. Ellenberg has a number of projects lined up, including: Untitled Morning Show Project, starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston;[...]
HBO Taps Into Political Climate, Orders Wag The Dog TV Series
In a world where The West Wing hasn't aired on television since 2006, perhaps it's time for a series of that ilk to make it's way back onto the airwaves. The Hollywood Reporter broke a story yesterday about a new tv series HBO is developing, based on the 1997 black comedy Wag The Dog  The phrase "wag[...]
DC Comics Trademarks "Gotham"
Then Fox and Warners came to… some kind of deal over the future of the Batman TV series and its licensing Now that trademark has been abandoned by Fox And now Warners subsidiary DC Comics has registered the trademark Gotham for; Entertainment services in the nature of live-action, comedy, drama, animated and/or reality television programs; production[...]