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Bad Mother #5: AWA’s Best Comic Series Sticks the Landing
AWA Studios' Upshot imprint has steadily published the most solid lineup of genre comics since it started early last year, but for our money, Bad Mother by crime novelist Christa Faust and veteran artist Mike Deodato Jr is the publisher's best series to date And with the 5th and concluding issue, the series ends perfectly. "Bad[...]
AWA Upshot Studios Offers Thanksgiving Graphic Novel Giveaway
Their Upshot imprint currently offers some of the most solid and sometimes surprising titles in comics now AWA's Upshot series have their own distinctive personality and feel that sets them apart part from other publishers' lines They remind us of Vertigo Comics at their peak in the 1990s, combining strong genre plots with an undertone[...]
The Resistance Reborn: AWA’s Upshot Studios Announces Spinoff Series
AWA Studios/UPSHOT will release The Resistance: Reborns, a new digital mini-series spinoff of the studio's flagship title The Resistance, exploring the origins of the newly superpowered humans after a global pandemic on Wednesday, June 17th on Panel from The Resistance: Reborns from AWA Studios/UPSHOT The Resistance: Reborns is a spinoff of critically acclaimed series,The Resistance by[...]
Bill Jemas Registers Trademarks for Upstart, Upshot and Sandbox
With trademarks being registered for; Upstart Upshot Sandbox for the following categories; Entertainment services namely, publishing comic books and graphic novels; publishing text and graphic works on-line featuring comic books, novelizations, scripts and audiovisual materials; and, providing a web site featuring multimedia materials for entertainment purposes Now UPSHOT is the name the publisher has given for their creator-owned titles, Upshot Studios,[...]