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AWA Upshot Studios Offers Thanksgiving Graphic Novel Giveaway

It's Thanksgiving Week, and AWA Studios is offering a massive graphic novel giveaway to subscribers of their newsletter. AWA Studios is one of the new publishers that we are thankful to have this year. Their Upshot imprint currently offers some of the most solid and sometimes surprising titles in comics now. AWA's Upshot series have their own distinctive personality and feel that sets them apart part from other publishers' lines. They remind us of Vertigo Comics at their peak in the 1990s, combining strong genre plots with an undertone of political and social commentary.

AWA Upshot Studios Offers Thanksgiving Graphic Novel Giveaway

To enter, subscribe to the AWA Studios newsletter. The giveaway includes the graphic novel collections of all of the first wave of AWA's titles:

The Resistance by J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr. – AWA's first superhero series featuring a world in turmoil after a virus wipes out a significant chunk of the population and a fascist government takes over America. Some survivors develop superpowers and and form a resistance movement to fight the government.

Year Zero by Benjamin Percy and Ramon Rosanas – globe-trotting zombie apocalypse tale that follows different survivors in different parts of the world who find their own ways to survive, whether it's a rogue Yakuza hitman in Japan, a streetwise urchin in Mexico, a band of women in Afghanistan or a prepper nerd in America.

Archangel 8 by Michael Moreci and C.P. Smith – ultraviolent supernatural thriller where angels and demons fight a war on Earth with drug cartels caught in between.

Hotell – by John Lees and Dalabor Talijic – horror anthology series about a haunted hotel whose guests bring their personal demons to in stories whose connection becomes clearer with each story.

Red Border by Jason Starr and Will Conrad – Crime thriller about a young Mexican couple on the run from a drug cartel who try to cross the border into the US, only to encounter a menace that might be worse than the cartel.

Covid Chronicles by Ethan Sacks and Dalabor Talijic – an anthology of nonfiction stories about people working on the frontlines of the Pandemic that originally ran on the NBC News website.

As AWA Studios' announced:

"We're ready to spread a little joy! From 11/24/20–11/30/20, enter our giveaway—presented by AWA Studios for a chance to win 6 new trade paperbacks from our Upshot imprint: THE RESISTANCE, YEAR ZERO, ARCHANGEL 8, HOTELL, RED BORDER, and COVID CHRONICLES. 10 lucky AWA Newsletter Subscribers will be chosen randomly – But they must subscribe to the newsletter and share our at least one of our social posts with the hashtag #AWABLACKFRIDAY. Winners will be contacted 11/30/20-12/01/20 via email for shipping address."

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