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Them: VFX Supervisor Hnedel Maximore Talks World Building & Visuals
Half of the VFX work was done by our FuseFX team in Vancouver, so there was already a solid workflow in place for working remotely and across locations Working remotely with Little Marvin (show creator/showrunner) and the editorial/post crew was also pretty seamless because we were able to leverage many of the secure tools available[...]
The Queen's Gambit on Netflix Lives up to the 64m views Hype
On top of Taylor-Joy's performance and a wonderful supporting cast, the technical marvel of bringing creator Scott Frank and Allan Scott's cerebral series to the screen is Chicken Bone VFX I spoke with Head of Production Arissa Blasingame and VFX Supervisor John Mangia on how Beth's visions and her world became reality. Cr PHIL BRAY/NETFLIX ©[...]
VFX: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Animated Character Shot Build
Sony Imageworks has released a new VFX video showing the character shot build from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Director Marc Webb wanted the effects to still feel grounded in reality, which meant the special effects team had to keep gravity in mind in every shot. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Animated Character Shot Build We've always known[...]