Viz Comes To ComiXology &#8211 Dragon Ball Z Bleach One Piece Death Note And More

Viz Comes To ComiXology – Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note And More

Bleeding Cool has learned that tomorrow Viz Media will be announcing that they will be distributing a number of high profile manga titles through digital distributor ComiXology, including DragonBall Z, Bakuman, Claymore, One Piece, Death Note, Bleach and more...A deal with French publisher VIZ Media Europe and the French editions of certain editions of some of these[...]

Hello Kitty Comic Books To Debut At San Diego Comic Con 2013

Hello Kitty Comic Books To Debut At San Diego Comic Con 2013

 And you thought My Little Pony sold a lot of comic books...Viz is about to start publishing Hello Kitty manga, with a series of original graphic novels featuring the uber-popular Sanrio mascot.A Hello Kitty single issue will also debut at San Diego Comic Con, with a cover by Jacob Chabot, and the comic drawn by[...]

Read Viz Comic For Free Legally For Twenty Minutes

Read Viz Comic For Free, Legally, For Twenty Minutes

Britain's best selling comic book, Viz, a satirical comedy anthology of comics strips and mock magazine/newspaper articles with an adult reading audience, has joined the Readr App, which allows subscribers to read twenty minutes of magazines from their collection for free every month, though you can subscribe for a monthly fee for an all-you-can-eat buffet.This[...]

Viz Comic To Put Jimmy Savile On The Cover Of Their Christmas Issue

Viz Comic To Put Jimmy Savile On The Cover Of Their Christmas Issue

Viz Comic, one of the best selling comics in Britain, is to celebrate Christmas by putting the late TV presenter Jimmy Savile, now revealed by the media as a serial child abuser, on their cover portrayed by regular Viz media character Roger Mellie, The Man On The Telly.Now then, now then, Viz Comic, one of[...]

Tuesday Runaround &#8211 Helping Tony DeZuniga

Tuesday Runaround – Helping Tony DeZuniga

I have a house here but the process of getting a loan would take time and I can’t be gone long away from the hospital. LabWatch: Viz Labs led by Gagan Singh is the new home at Viz Media for innovating digital content.ComicsOnComicsActionWatch: I always (twice) to the Comics On Comics panel at San Diego Comic[...]

Ken Sasaki New President And CEO Of Viz Media

Ken Sasaki, New President And CEO Of Viz Media

In two days, Ken Sasaki will be appointed the new President and CEO of Viz Media, America's biggest manga publisher, succeeding Hidemi Fukuhara, who will becoming Vice Chairman of the company.Sasaki has been with the company since 2008 and has been promoted from Senior Vice President and General Manager, where he led the recent anime[...]

Viz Comic Gives You A Digital Sample

Viz Comic Gives You A Digital Sample

Viz is Britain's best selling comic, selling to adults, from the top shelf of many a newsstand It's a heady mix of social satire and sexual parodies of classic children's comics, with a series of Onion-like parodies of modern newspapers and the kind of feature stories they run, with little journalistic merit It's also very[...]

One Piece Goes Ahead-Of-Day-And-Date-Digital

One Piece Goes Ahead-Of-Day-And-Date-Digital

This is indended to bring US digital readers up to date with Japanese releases, and combat the damage done to sales for Viz by illegal digital scanlations of this most popular comic.What this does to print retailers, is another matter.This move will also bring One Piece readers up to date with the comics' serialisation in[...]

Unveiling The Cover To Viz Comics The Cleveland Steamer (VIDEO)

Unveiling The Cover To Viz Comic's The Cleveland Steamer (VIDEO)

Viz Comic has been going for thirty years, with comic strips satirising every aspect of British life, playing off the styles of children's comics from the creators' respective childhoods.Every year they release compilation annuals of some of the year's best work, each collection given a euphemistic title This year's volume entitled The Cleveland Steamer refers[...]

Never Mind The Bollocks &#8211 An Etymology Of A Swear Word

Never Mind The Bollocks – An Etymology Of A Swear Word

And while DC are happy to have the word appear in a non-mature readers comic, the only British comic you'll see it commonly used in, is the over-18s only Viz Comic, specifically the character Roger Mellie, where it became a catchphrase A Ron Burgandy style TV presenter, it would always be used inappropriately on live[...]

Tuesday Runaround – Comics On The Brain And Viz On The iPad

I don't want to promote one company over another, so please keep the questions open to the industry as a whole. Viz Media Releases Free Viz Manga App for the iPad In a move that should delight fans of Japanese comics while stepping up the fight against manga piracy, Viz Media is releasing a free iPad app[...]

Numbercrunching: Viz Comic #200

Numbercrunching: Viz Comic #200

The longest running adult comic book in Britain, Viz Comic has just hit issue 200 A true milestone for this bi-monthly/ten times a year magazine A mixture between classic children's comics but through the adolescent/adult mix, social satire and a keen appreciation for worldplay, Viz is the natural successor to the likes of Oz -[...]