Fortress Festoon: Exploring Geeky Jewelry and Watches from ThinkGeek
We're talking watches and jewelry While the use of a watch has pretty much be phased out by a modern generation using the digital clock on their phones, having a physical watch is now a fashion statement, which you can utilize to show off your passions of geek culture Jewelry, on the other hand, is[...]
Time To Go Back To The Future! We Review Tokyoflash's Satellite-X Watch
The second of the Tokyoflash watches we received for review in July is called the Satellite-X from Kisai Before we delve into this one, I just want to point out that I enjoy seeing films and televisions shows where they create some kind of future technology you can't explain but it works out to be[...]
An Advanced Throwback: We Review The Tokyoflash Polygon LCD Watch
They specialize in watches, but not just any watches, these are well-designed watches made to look like they came out of the future The front of every watch is created in a specific way so that your average joe walking by can't tell what the time is, but you can So it's like having this[...]
The Ticking Dead – Vannen Watches And Robert Kirkman
Vannen Watches create watches with specific artist flair And it looks like there may be a Walking Dead zombie variation, according this this image of Invincible #88 tweeted by Robert Kirkman that appears to be sitting on a Walking Dead Vannen Watch box. Which was then blogged by Vannen Watches. And retweeted by them. Something with Charlie Adlard[...]