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Thursday Trending Topics: Watchmen 2
You know any day that kicks off with (trending-worldwide) Watchmen 2 and Diesel DC Boxer Shorts is going to be an interesting day  But is that bad-interesting or good-interesting?  That's for you to decide… Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Andy Kubert To Draw Watchmen 2 (UPDATE) But we've been informed quite conclusively from a reliable source at DC Comics[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: All This, And Watchmen Too
One of the fascinating things about this Watchmen 2 business is exactly that — the business implications of it  Because directly in the wake of the wildly successful New 52 launch, they're going to be launching this And no matter what you think of the creative implications of whatever final shape this Watchmen 2 project[...]
Squirrelling Out Details On Watchmen 2
Sometimes all you do is have to mention its name, and lots of bits spill out. Two days ago, Bleeding Cool mentioned that Watchmen prequels at DC were back
Wednesday Trending Topics: Watching The Watchmen
 Because what were the odds that a secret project that enticingly-named was going to get around?  Subatomic-level post-52 viral marketing, or clever pay-no-attention-to-the-project-behind-the-curtain back-stagecraft?  It'll be fascinating to see where this one is going… Most-Read Comic Stories Today: The Return Of Watchmen 2 Well, I've now heard a lot more. Justice League #2, The 22 Page $3.99 Comic And[...]
The Return Of Watchmen 2
A couple of years ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics was planning to return to Watchmen to tell new stories. Dave Gibbons would be involved
Richard Pace May Confirm Existence Of Watchmen 2 Project
Getting people to go on the record about any possible Watchmen 2 plans is… problematic. I ran the story two days ago after getting confirmation from a number of people that, yes, this was a plan at DC Comics And since publication, more in the comics creative and support community have emailed privately to confirm their[...]
Thursday Runaround – We're Still Standing
Most of the major film sites followed up on the Watchmen 2 story and Twitter was full of people going "NOOOOOOOOOO!" And then other people saying they'd probably buy it anyway And yes, for conspiracy theories, it is odd that I hear this story just as DC announce they're going to expand their superhero movie[...]
Get Ready For Watchmen 2
First there was the story that DC Comics Publisher and President Paul Levitz had personally prevented any Watchmen 2 projects, because, despite their differences, he believed that as this would be against Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' wishes, it would cause very bad feeling in the creative community and would be a creatively bankrupt move. Moore[...]