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The Before Watchmen Gallery And Quote File (UPDATED)
So, yes, Watchmen 2. Darwyn Cooke – "The nature of the undertaking is going to polarize a lot of the readership…I think a lot of people will be excited about this and there are a lot of people that will be dead against it… I don't feel any more trepidation than Alan did by refitting the[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: The Panic Room Conspiracy
 As for the remaining 8,759 hours… if you only knew. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Is There A Watchmen 2 Reference In Justice League #3?  One Little Bleeder pointed out a page from Justice League #3 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, the chief creative officer and co-publisher of DC respectively. Swipe File: Ultimates 2 Vs Natalie Imbruglia  But did anyone[...]
Silk Spectre Art By Amanda Conner – Happy New Year
Whether it has something to do with Watchmen 2, our short hand term for the four Watchmen mini-sequel prequels we've heard about, I don't know But I can find no other reference to Amanda drawing and colouring this piece and Amanda has been rumoured to be working on the prequels, and a Silk Spectre book[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: New 52 Year
Today we got our first trend-topping New 52 story in some time, and while it's a holiday news week, it does bring to mind what a crazy year 2011 was for comics news (and closing out strong with Watchmen 2 in the panic room) as we turn our attention to wondering what 2012 will bring. Most-Read[...]
The Ethics Of Watchmen 2
Indeed many creators, including those who will be working on Watchmen 2, have benefited from his stance. That they can even work on Watchmen 2 is because DC refused to renegotiate the Watchmen contract back in the day. The Principle Of Prequels Some consider Watchmen such a holy icon of comic book storytelling, that any sequel or prequel[...]
Watchmen 2 – Nite Owl, The Comedian And More
"Watchmen 2" rapidly became the highest Twitter trending topic in the world I'm not sure if that's ever happened for a comic before. But it also unearthed a couple of other potential castings from… let's call them  secondary sources An amber light if you will. Ones that have seem to have Darwyn Cooke talking about writing a[...]