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Collectors Cornered – Watching Men
Collectors Cornered is a weekly video column, filmed inside Collectors Corner in Baltimore. Join us every week as we discuss comic book news from a
Swipe File: Strutting Rorschach
On the left is the new Rorscach statue from DC Comics as part of their Before Watchmen line. And on the right is Leonardo Di Caprio, taken during the
When DC Comics Fell For Jae Lee
Amid all the Before Watchmen hype, the appointment of Jae Lee as the artist on the Ozymandias series is an interesting development, if only because for
Thursday Trending Topics: Not Watchmen
Ok, that's kind of interesting...  there was much less Watchmen at the top of the charts (even beyond the top 3) than I would have expected today (and it
The Ethics Of Before Watchmen
This article was published at Bleeding Cool at the beginning of December last year, under the title The Ethics Of Watchmen 2 Due to popular request, it is being reprinted on the front page today. Whoever is involved, whenever it is scheduled, DC Comics do seem to be continuing with the production of a series of[...]
Retailers Talk Before Watchmen
This summer, retailers will be ordering X-Men Vs Avengers and Before Watchmen simultaneously. Marvel are introducing discounts to those who order large
Wednesday Trending Topics: Surprise, It's Before Watchmen Day
 On with the show… Most-Read Comic Stories Today: BEFORE WATCHMEN Announced Today With Azzarello/Bermejo's Rorschach, JMS/Adam Hughes' Dr Manhattan And Len Wein/Jae Lee's Ozymandias (UPDATE)  A  full confirmation of the Watchmen prequel project from DC Comics we have previously referred to as Watchmen 2, Before Watchmen, with writing details, courtesy of the Wausau Daily Herald which I think[...]
Leah Moore On Before Watchmen
Leah Moore, co-writer of the medium-redefining webcomic The Thrill Electric - and also one of Alan Moore's daughters - had something to say about the
The Before Watchmen Gallery And Quote File (UPDATED)
So, yes, Watchmen 2. Darwyn Cooke – "The nature of the undertaking is going to polarize a lot of the readership…I think a lot of people will be excited about this and there are a lot of people that will be dead against it… I don't feel any more trepidation than Alan did by refitting the[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: The Panic Room Conspiracy
 As for the remaining 8,759 hours… if you only knew. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Is There A Watchmen 2 Reference In Justice League #3?  One Little Bleeder pointed out a page from Justice League #3 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, the chief creative officer and co-publisher of DC respectively. Swipe File: Ultimates 2 Vs Natalie Imbruglia  But did anyone[...]
Silk Spectre Art By Amanda Conner – Happy New Year
Whether it has something to do with Watchmen 2, our short hand term for the four Watchmen mini-sequel prequels we've heard about, I don't know But I can find no other reference to Amanda drawing and colouring this piece and Amanda has been rumoured to be working on the prequels, and a Silk Spectre book[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: New 52 Year
Today we got our first trend-topping New 52 story in some time, and while it's a holiday news week, it does bring to mind what a crazy year 2011 was for comics news (and closing out strong with Watchmen 2 in the panic room) as we turn our attention to wondering what 2012 will bring. Most-Read[...]
The Ethics Of Watchmen 2
Indeed many creators, including those who will be working on Watchmen 2, have benefited from his stance. That they can even work on Watchmen 2 is because DC refused to renegotiate the Watchmen contract back in the day. The Principle Of Prequels Some consider Watchmen such a holy icon of comic book storytelling, that any sequel or prequel[...]
Watchmen 2 – Nite Owl, The Comedian And More
"Watchmen 2" rapidly became the highest Twitter trending topic in the world I'm not sure if that's ever happened for a comic before. But it also unearthed a couple of other potential castings from… let's call them  secondary sources An amber light if you will. Ones that have seem to have Darwyn Cooke talking about writing a[...]