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Will Yun Lee

"Altered Carbon" Season 2: Netflix Sci-Fi Series Taps Will Yun Lee Return

Will Yun Lee, who played the original Takeshi Kovacs, will return to Altered Carbon for its second season in a recurring role The Netflix science fiction drama based on the Richard K Morgan series focuses on Takeshi, who lived hundreds of years through different bodies Lee’s role is under wraps since Anthony Mackie plays the[...]

Nora Inu

Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Nora Inu

Reileen (Dichen Lachman) isn't Kovacs (Will Yun Lee) sister and Quell (Renee Elisa Golsberry) isn't linked to Kovacs romantically nor the person who created the stacks In truth, we are so far off the book now that I almost forgot what Kovacs is supposed to be looking for.The episode starts with Reileen trying to save[...]

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon Season 1: The First Official Trailer Ups the Action

To investigate the death, he brings back an ex-Envoy soldier named Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman/Will Yun Lee), whom he offers as payment the chance to live again.From the novels, we know that Bancroft is rich enough to do backups of his stack every 48 hours And where he says in the trailer that he wants[...]

The Wolverine — The Bleeding Cool Review

Unless you’ve never seen a film before you’ll have a pretty good idea of who’s pulling the strings from early on: but those strings are so tangled and knotted that they have a pretty good story of their own.Will Yun Lee, veteran of a million police procedurals, is the knottiest of those threads[...]

Wolverine Report: Adapting The Characters From Page To Screen

Hopefully people can enjoy our different version of the story.And could I find out any more about how Yukio's story has been changed? Could I heck as like, but it wasn't for want of trying.Will Yun Lee is playing Kenuichio Harada, a character that readers of the comic will know to have an alias[...]

More Wolverine Casting Includes The Silver Samurai

His "thing" is that his samurai armour is electrified, not to mention silver.This role has gone to Will Yun Lee, soon to be seen in the Total Recall and Red Dawn remakes It should be a nice meaty turn for him.Production on the film gets underway in Australia next month Some location work in Japan will follow.[...]