This Month in McCalls: Worbla and Neck Corsets

This Month in McCall's: Worbla and Neck Corsets

This is geared towards making a breastplate (and matching necklace, noted as a “circlet” ) with Worbla and craft foam Gone seem to be the days of struggling with online tutorials as Worbla patterns slowly begin to make their way into mainstream media Calista is described simply as a “no-sew” design with no mention of[...]

Bethanys Super Awesome Worbla Tutorials

Bethany's Super Awesome Worbla Tutorials

The two-part tutorial focuses on Worbla - a thermoplastic plate and modeling material - and how to use it to make pieces for your costumes The tutorial is exactly what you'd want it to be Bethany is knowledge, well spoken and gets the information across well.. but she is also personable and fun You can[...]