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Blizzard Reveals The World Of Warcraft Classic Summer Bowl
For the first time since they introduced WoW Classic, the World of Warcraft Esports division will bring you a 10v10 Warsong Gulch tournament beginning June 17th For three weeks, which will eventually culminate on July 5th, teams in North America and Europe will be competing for a separate prize pool of $4,000 in each region![...]
"World Of Warcraft" Plagued With Second Day Of DDoS Attacks
And it's not just regular 'ol WoW, the WoW Classic servers have been hit as well, causing multiple failures, timeouts, people being kicked, and exceedingly long wait times. Credit: Blizzard The trouble started yesterday afternoon when the server started getting hit hard and players complained of not being able to even access the queue That led to[...]
WoW Classic Players Confuse Game "Features" for Bugs
However, WoW Classic players have begun reporting bugs to Blizzard that are actually just… features from the game. Mostly these were designed to be helpful, but they're not the same kind of help system that gamers are used to in 2019 They're old, almost archaic Which they should be However, gamers have gotten so used to the[...]
World of Warcraft Classic Will Be Changing Up How Items Work
This means that if a new item was originally added to a dungeon boss's loot table with Ahn'Qiraj, you shouldn't expect it to appear in WoW Classic until Phase 5, which is the phase that contains Ahn'Qiraj content. Along the way, we've seen many questions asking if we're also retracing the steps of incremental changes to individual items and[...]
Blizzard Reveals Itemization Plans for World of Warcraft Classic Server
The latest forum post takes a look at the itemization system for the game. While you might think that items wouldn't be a major sticking point for an MMO retro server, for WoW Classic, things get a bit complicated. According to Blizzard: It's been a lot of fun over the last couple of months to dive into the development[...]