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X-Men: Blue #28 cover by R. B. Silva and Rain Beredo
While there have been many disappointing issues for X-Men: Blue, this one succeeded on consistent forward motion and genuinely interesting conflict. The idea of changing the world into mutants is pretty comic book-y as far as plots go, but it becomes interesting in the different reasons and approaches that cause schisms between Miss Sinister and White[...]
X-Men Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina
Meanwhile, the new Marauders attack Xorn after he too rejects their offer Thankfully, Xorn receives help in the form of Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm Unfortunately, Malice infiltrates the Madripoor mansion through the body of Polaris. Finally, Briar Raleigh seeks out new X-Men with Magneto's team having gone missing. X-Men: Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina I didn't expect[...]
X-Men: Blue #7 Review: Let's Just Tear Up The X-Men
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] *Ties into the Secret Empire crossover With the mutants being relegated to the state of New Tian in the wake of the Hydra takeover, Jean Grey and her X-Men: Blue squad are fighting to free the mutant and human prisoners being forced there. The leaders of New Tian, Emma Frost, Xorn, and Sebastian Shaw, do not[...]