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LEGO Rise of Skywalker Sets Coming on Triple Force Friday
Poe Dameron is up next with the Resistance Y-Wing Fighter Set This LEGO Rise of Skywalker set includes 5 mini-figures, with Poe, the new character Zorii, First Order Trooper, and two droids It looks like previous Y-Wing sets but with different paint styles Lastly, we are getting Rey's first LEGO Rise of Skywalker Set This[...]
Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter is the Newest UCS LEGO Ship, Hits Stores May 4
The Y-Wing Fighter is the newest addition to the Ultimate Collectors Series from LEGO Hitting stores on May 4th (May the Forth Be With us Indeed), it clocks in at 1,967 pieces and includes minifigs of Gold Leader and R2-BHD Like all other UCS sets before it, it will sit on a display base with[...]