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Mental Illness, Superheroes, And Stereotypes – Vasilis Pozios On His New Comic Aura
How did you and your collaborator Marguerite Sauvage come up with Aura?  VKP: Aura was really born out of necessity.  I had first learned of the anti-bullying anthology, You Are Not Alone, from my friend and former writing seminar classmate, Dave Ebersole (co-creator with Delia Gable of the forthcoming supernatural noir detective series Dash from Northwest[...]
You Are Not Alone
The You Are Not Alone project was born. GrayHaven's You Are Not Alone would be an original anthology graphic novel that would be distributed for free to schools, youth organizations, victim shelters and other groups that would be receptive to the tales of hope that we wanted to offer Now we just needed to create the book…and[...]