AEW Dynamite 8/5/20 – R.I.P. Trent's Mom's Van, Matt Hardy's Face

An inspired episode of AEW Dynamite continues, and we're recapping it for you. This is the second page of the recap, so if you missed the first page, scroll down to the table of contents at the bottom of this article. Warning: the following recap contains extreme violence committed against a minivan. You have been warned.

A moment from Proud and Powerful vs. Best Friends on AEW Dynamite 8/5/2020 [Photo: AEW]
A moment from Proud and Powerful vs. Best Friends on AEW Dynamite 8/5/2020 [Photo: AEW]

AEW Dynamite 8/5/2020 Report Part 2

Proud and Powerful come to the ring. Jim Ross points out they haven't been ranked in the top five since February. Way to rub it in, Ross. Best Friends come out, sans Orange Cassidy. He's got a debate to prepare for later tonight so can't be involved in this nonsense.

Best Friends vs. Proud and Powerful

Chuck Taylor and Santana lock up to start. The ring seems so empty with just four wrestlers in it. They trade grapples for a bit until Taylor tries a bridging pin which Santana kicks out of. He tags in Ortiz, who immediately ends up in an armbar. Taylor tags in Trent, who also has his way with Ortiz. He hits a Northern lights suplex that gets a two-count and tags in Taylor. Ortiz kicks Taylor in the gut and tags in Santana. They whip Taylor into the ropes, and Trent gets the blind tag. P&P try to whip them into each other, but Best Friends lock arms, spin around, and clothesline P&P instead. Trent hits a Tornado DDT on Santana and Best Friends hit a double neckbreaker on Ortiz. Dynamite goes to commercials.

Ortiz and Trent trade chops when Dynamite comes back from break. Ortiz gets the best of it, but stops to do some Rick Rude hip gyrating for some reason. He tags in Santana. They knock Taylor down to the floor for good measure. Santana hits a urinage, but Trent kicks out at one. Trent gets knocked out to the apron then pulled to the floor by Ortiz. Santana hits a suicide dive and now Proud and Powerful commit some ringside violence on Trent.

Back in the ring, Santana hits a backbreaker and gets one off a lazy pin. He tags in Ortiz who hits a suplex and again gets a one-count. Santana tags bag and hits a suplex, and this time gets two. JR and Tony are going on and on about Proud and Powerful not putting effort into their pins. This is JR's personal bugaboo, but it's one that Tony is always willing to buy in on. Once you get them going, they can talk for hours about people not hooking the leg. Taz has had enough and explains the psychology behind doing quick, lazy pins just to make your opponent expend the energy to kick out. "Not every pin has to have the leg hooked." I think AEW may have redubbed some of this commentary here. Like, I bet JR was going on and on about the pins and Tony Khan just had Taz go in and overdub some of it with an explanation so Santana and Ortiz don't look like they're just lazy wrestlers. Whatever the mechanics, the commentary is a thousand times better this week.

Ortiz tags in and they hit a double suplex. He tries to pin Trent twice but Trent kicks out both times. Santana tags in but now Trent fights back. He hits a clothesline on Santana and tags in Taylor. Taylor is fresh. He takes out Santana and Ortiz. He gets a two-count off a powerbomb on Santana, but Santana tags in Ortiz. Taylor hits a falcon arrow and gets two. He brings Ortiz to his corner and puts him up on the turnbuckle. He tags in Trent. Trent goes up for a superplex, but Santana comes in and interferes. Taylor tosses Santana, gets Trent on his shoulders, and they hit a super… duper?… plex? Trent is too hurt to pin Ortiz. He goes to tag in Taylor but Santana pulls him off the apron. Ortiz tags in Santana, and a flippy reversal sequence ends in a cutter from Santana, a powerbomb from Ortiz, and a kick to the face by Santana, who gets a two-count. He tags Ortiz and goes up to the top turnbuckle for the Street Sweeper, but Taylor knocks Santana down, and Trent rolls up Ortiz and gets the win.

Winners: Best Friends

Really good match. I would have preferred to see Santana and Ortiz get the win here. They seem to lose every match. Then again, JR brought it up at the beginning of the match, so if I had to guess, I'd say this losing streak is leading to something. Dynamite goes to commercials.

MJF reports from backstage, giving us a tour of his campaign headquarters. It's set up like they're running an actual campaign. MJF berates an intern named Lee for a poster not being level. He berates a staffer named Nina for not smiling while reading him poll numbers. MJF says the campaign isn't over until the title is around his waist. An intern asks what happens if Darby Allin wins tonight against Jon Moxley. MJF kinda likes that idea.

I just want to take a moment here to show some appreciation for the environments AEW sets up. I guess they have a lot of flexibility due to having control of the Daily's Place facility during a pandemic, but MJF's campaign office looked like people could actually be doing work in there, as opposed to a couple of props thrown into a curtained-off backstage area like you'd see on some other wrestling shows. This is the kind of immersion into the environment of a wrestling show I crave!

Dynamite Promo – Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is in the ring for a promo. He talks about coming to AEW for the creative freedom. When he got there, he saw all the talent at AEW and thought maybe he could be an attraction, introduce AEW to the multiverse of Matt Hardy and get his fantasy stuff over. He's been having a blast, but he listens to his audience, just like AEW does. The majority of the audience watching Dynamite, the "millions" every week (okay, that's stretching it), want to see Hardy focus on being himself. Hardy says that's what he's gonna do on screen. And backstage, he's gonna give back, working with teams like Private Party. He talks them up and says he has their back. Another man Hardy has tried to help is Sammy Guevara. But Sammy doesn't want to accept Hardy's help and get away from Chris Jericho and be his own man like he needs to. Damn, Matt, have some patience in the booking. Hardy brings up Sammy attacking him from behind during his Dynamite debut, so he returned the favor to Sammy last week. Looks like Sammy wants to return the return of the favor. Sammy climbs out from under the ring and gets behind Hardy, but Hardy can sense him. "Sammy, I knew you'd come."

They brawl and it spills outside the ring. Hardy tosses Sammy into the guardrails and over the timekeeper's table. Then he slams him on the already broken table. Hardy gets out a table from under the ring and sets it up. Guravarra fights back and smashes Hardy's face into the ringpost. He puts him on the table. Hardy tries to fight back, but Sammy throws a steel chair at his face. Sammy climbs up on the ramp, walks to the top of the stage, and hits a flip (which neither I nor AEW's announcers know the name of) onto Hardy, who either bladed like a motherf**ker or got hard way busted open by that chair. Its like Ric Flair levels of blood. JR calls it the crimson mask and then gives a shoutout to Gordon Solie. Solie's been dead for twenty years, JR! He can't hear you!

This was a great brawl. Really intense and with some satisfying violence.

Outside in the parking lot, Santana and Ortiz beat the crap out of Trent's mom's minivan (told you it would be important later). Now this is low, going after a man's mom's van. "You think we a joke?!" Ortiz shouts at the camera after smashing in the windshield with a sledgehammer. Santana spraypaints "Sue" (Trent's mom's name" with an X through it on the hood. Can I tell you how excited I am that Santana and Ortiz are getting some character development here outside of the group setting of Inner Circle? Yeah, it's with Best Friends in connection with Orange Cassidy's feud with Jericho, but the feud between these guys has just gotten really personal and can become a rivalry that defines both of their careers if it plays out right. Plus, it shows Proud and Powerful realize they've been losing all the time and they're sick of it. I hope they win the next match.

Dynamite goes to commercials, and we'll be breaking off into the next page so click down below!

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