AEW Manipulating Sting & "The Office" Star Rainn Wilson Into a Match?

When we reported on how unexpected it was to see The Office star Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) choosing the holidays to call out pro-wrestling icon & AEW superstar Sting and for Sting to issue a response, we pretty much assumed that was going to be a one-and-done (especially since both sides appear to have gone quiet). But leave it to AEW head Tony Khan and the company's social media team to see an opportunity and try to make it into magic. Considering the company's three-year track record is pretty strong, they have every reason to ride the mindset. But the video they posted of how they imagined Wilson's training for the match was going, only to use a clip of Dwight? It's a damn shame… well, it would be a damn shame if it also wasn't so damn funny. Seriously. It's the point where Dwight looks at us while still fighting? Priceless!

AEW/The Office (Images: AEW/Screencap)

Here's a look at the Instagram post from the fine folks over at the AEW on TNT social media account, clearly looking to push the two closer and closer to a confrontation. But who's really running this game? Hmmm…

Here's a look back at Wilson's Christmas Day… challenge? We're not sure it's exactly a "challenge" so much as a pretty bold & cocky boast- as if it would be a foregone conclusion that Wilson would be the one getting his hand raised. And who knows? While we keep talking in terms of The Office, if he can mix in the conniving genius of Harry Mudd (Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Short Treks) along with Michael Stearns's (Amazon's Utopia) intensity, he might stand a chance. To last more than a minute (and that includes the time Sting needs to play up the crowd):

Well, it didn't take long before The Icon responded, and from the sounds of things? Not only is he up for it, but he's also open to honoring Wilson with a new move. And while we're not exactly sure what a "Flying Tow Hold" is, we can write with full sincerity that our bodies ache just thinking about it.

Now that we're pretty sure he's not talking about the lead singer of The Police, we're actually a little disappointed if we're being honest. Imagine an outdoor "Fields of Gold" Falls Count Anywhere Match or a "Don't Stand So Close to Me" Steel Cage Match? Though we're not sure if the rest of the band would be there to back their Sting or Wilson…

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