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While The Office was emerging as a megahit on NBC as the popular American take on the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant BBC hit series since its premiere in 2005, Fox's Malcolm in the Middle was in the final two seasons of its run Series star Bryan Cranston, who played family patriarch Hal in the[...]
NFL, Peacock Fumble; Dungy/Swift, Alien & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? Disney+'s Ahsoka, Tony Dungy & Taylor Swift, NBC's The Office, AEW/WWE, NBC's Law & Order: SVU, FX's Alien, Max's Arkham & The Penguin, NFL & Peacock, FX's Welcome to Wrexham, Tubi's Devil's Peak, Disney+'s Echo, Jo Koy/Golden Globes & more! Images/Screencaps: Lucasfilm, Max, NBCUniversal, FOX News, NBC Sports, Marvel Studios, FX, NFL BCTV Daily[...]
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take on The Office wouldn't take long to define itself as its own series – running for nine seasons before wrapping up its run on May 16, 2013 And on May 17, 2013, fans of the influential NBC series were already wondering when they would get to return to the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the[...]
Wellington Paranormal Stars Launch Podcast on the Cult Waititi Sitcom
Imagine The Office crossed with The X-Files with beat cops dealing with the supernatural as part of their job The series originally premiered on TVNZ, ran four seasons, and aired on The CW and HBO Max in the US, Sky in the UK & Ireland, and SBS in Australia The show has paused after the[...]
Mattel Debuts The Office: Threat Level Midnight Little People Collector
The Office fans are in for a treat as Mattel is back with a brand new Little People Collector set Unlike the last set, fans will not be returning to Dunder-Mifflin, but will get to witness the action-packed film, Threat Level Midnight like never before Threat Level Midnight appeared in the episode "Product Recall" (Season[...]
The Office: Rainn Wilson Reflects on Series, Avoiding Similar Roles
While Siemian was eventually signed to the practice squad, The Office star Rainn Wilson threw his hat into the running earlier this week. Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute in The Office Image courtesy of NBC Wilson, Rainn, not Zach, wrote on social media, "I am available, [NY Jets]," with a GIF of his character Dwight Schrute saying,[...]
The Office: Rainn Wilson Reflects on Series, Avoiding Similar Roles
It's hard to imagine NBC's The Office without an anchor like Rainn Wilson's Dwight Schrute, a salesman and the assistant to the regional manager at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, creating some of the best comedy with Steve Carell, who plays his boss Michael Scott, and John Krasinski, who played his rival Jim Halpert While[...]
The Office Returns to RSVLTS with New BRKFST All-Day Polo Collection
Last week alone, we saw Kunuflex button-down for Marvel Comics, Star Wars, and now another drop is here for The Office as part of their comfy Breakfast Balls All-Day Polo Collection These shirts are not just your average polo and are not just golf-specific, as they feature a soft and stretchy versatility fabric making these[...]
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Now, thanks to an in-depth interview with EW, we're learning how The Scarlet Speedster's final run has some very interesting inspirations. "Before sitting down to even conceptualize and write this [the series finale], I watched a whole bunch of series finales, and I'll tell you the ones I loved and used as inspiration: 'Lost,' 'Angel,' and[...]
Melora Hardin Applies Mad Science to Women's "Clock"
Hardin debuted on Broadway in Chicago as Roxie, a familiar personage on TV where she's been a major part of shows like The Bold Type, The Office, and Monk, and was nominated for an Emmy for the role of Tammy on Transparent When she's not acting and producing, she also runs a wild and vibrant[...]
The Office: CASETiFY Debuts Collection; Our Top Five Episodes
The Office is a unique cultural staple of television for many people, myself included, and it's only right we continue to celebrate the best parts of the series The same could be said of how we display our love for such a series, and CASETiFY's latest collection collaborates with the popular sitcom to make accessory[...]
Bring Home the The Office with New Build-A-Bear Workshop Plushes 
Whether you want the bundle or snag up the outfits and make your own best friend, Build-A-Bear and The Office fans can find them here.  Bring Home the Shenanigans of The Office with Build-A-Bear   #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Build-A-Bear[...]
The Office: The Artist Formerly Known as Rainn Wilson Changes Name
Rainn Wilson, best known as Dwight Schrute in the NBC comedy The Office and most recently as Dr Demento in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, is trying to raise awareness about the environmental crisis and rapid warming of the Arctic by changing his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Weather Winter Wilson, which I imagine[...]
RSVLTS Celebrates the Start of OcToby with New The Office Shirt
A new one-off The Office Kunuflex shirt is dropping tonight on Friday, 09/30, late at night at exactly 11:59 PM EST What started as a joke inside the RSVLTS office has reached past its limits and comes right to the fans with a new Toby H Flenderson inspired shirt That is right; Toby is now[...]
Killing It Trailer Released By Peacock, Craig Robinson Stars
There was nothing to laugh about on Saturday night when The Office & Killing It star Craig Robinson's North Carolina comedy show was evacuated following an active shooter situation Taking place at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte shortly after 9 pm local time, the initial Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department report had a male subject entering the[...]
The Office Gets the Brick Treatment with An Incredible LEGO Set 
It is them to return to the workspace of Dunder Mifflin once again as LEGO brings the iconic sitcom The Office to life Coming in at 1,126 pieces, the Scranton office and Michael Scott's office are beautifully recreated in block form To makes things even better, the entire crew is back in brick form as[...]
The Office: Somehow We Manage Is Out Now On Mobile
East Side Games Group, Universal Games, and Digital Platforms have come together to release The Office: Somehow We Manage for mobile if the name and the artwork below didn't tip you off, the game is based on the NBC sitcom as you will be reliving some of the stories from the company's past while also[...]
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When we reported on how unexpected it was to see The Office star Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) choosing the holidays to call out pro-wrestling icon & AEW superstar Sting and for Sting to issue a response, we pretty much assumed that was going to be a one-and-done (especially since both sides appear to have[...]
the office
With that said, right now there's probably one soul in the entire world who's screaming "Bingo!" right now with possibly one of the most unexpected square-fills in the BINGO  game we call "2021: The Year Pop Culture Threw Everything at The Wall to See What Would Stick." On one side, we have The Office star[...]
The Sopranos Co-Stars on James Gandolfini’s Tease with The Office
Fans noticed one glaring omission when it came to August 29th's Comedy Central's marathon of the popular NBC series The Office The episode in question is season one's second in "Diversity Day", which satirizes contemporary diversity and inclusion policies Boss Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, organizes a racial diversity seminar forcing his Dunder Mifflin[...]
Funko Reveals New The Office Pop and Mini Moments Are on the Way
Funko is back at it again with a new slew of Pop Vinyls from the hit comedy show The Office We have already seen so many Pops arrive from this show, but Funko keeps capturing hilarious moments in Pop form with new and amazing Pops This wave of figure include the debut of The Office[...]
Funko FunKon Day 5 Reveals - Marvel, Rocketeer, My Hero and More
From The Office, Stanley is dressing up in his Samurai Costume, allowing fans to finish off their Halloween Office Pop collection Making a surprising debut is the Rocketeer, who is back with a new flying mold that fans will not want to miss For the last solo reveal, the final member of The Seven arrives[...]
The Sopranos Co-Stars on James Gandolfini’s Tease with The Office
In fact, there are ones dedicated to NBC's The Office and HBO's The Sopranos One potential bombshell involved Sopranos star, the late James Gandolfini, who played patriarch Tony Soprano, and his possible courtship to the long-running NBC sitcom according to his co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, the hosts of the "Talking Sopranos" podcast (via[...]
The Office Almost Had A Completely Different Theme Song
NBC's The Office is an iconic series for many reasons, but fans will recognize it when it comes on the screen for one big reason…that theme song If you're a fan, it's probably already playing in your head The origin of The Office's theme song came very close to the premiere of the series itself, cutting[...]
Funkoween Final Reveals - Mandy, The Office, Trick ‘r Treat and More!
Ending things off is The Office, where Funko has captured some of their Halloween costumes in Pop form with Dwight, Michael Scott, and Kevin Some will release as retailer exclusives, but fans will be able to find these and all of the other common Funko Funkoween reveals up for pre-order here Be sure to pre-order[...]
Funko Debuts New Eerie Funko Soda Figures On Funkoween FUN TV
There is a nice variety of figures this time around, from The Office and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride to more original designs like a new Halloween Freddy Funko The production sizes do vary this time around, going between 12,500 to 7,500 pieces depending on the specific franchise The Funkoween Soda Vinyls that were revealed today[...]
Funko ECCC Reveals - The Office, The Boys, and Eastbound & Down
Even though we are on the third day of debuts, Funko is not slowing down as Dwight Shrute kicks off with another Pop from The Office One of Funko's teasers comes true as Dwight as Kerrigan comes to life for the convention We then travel to the world of the mature rated superhero series The[...]
Funko Fair Weekend Recap - Let the Television Binge Begin
This wave was jam-packed with some excellent reveals for a huge variety of television series, and The Office started us off This wave is packed with nothing but retailer exclusives, and it finally shows off the characters of The Office fans have been waiting for Walmart will be getting Phyllis, Oscar, and two different versions[...]
Opening Credits Songs - SNL 0-58 screenshot
With NBC's Saturday Night Live returning this weekend for the first show of the new year, first-time host John Krasinski (The Office, Jack Ryan) and first-time musical guest Machine Gun Kelly were the ones shouldering the responsibility of kicking things off on a strong note How did it go? Not too shabby- a solid passing[...]