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Solar Opposites lands later this month, courtesy of Hulu.

Solar Opposites Introduces Korvo, Terry, and Their Speaceship, Aisha

Here's a look at the official trailer for Solar Opposites, featuring an all-star line-up of voice actors, including Roiland, Giambrone, Middleditch, Mack, Alan Tudyk, Alfred Molina, Christina Hendricks, Jason Mantzoukas, Liam Cunningham, Rainn Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, and more.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hHoKWE4Vb4 As psyched as we're sure they are for tonight's midseason return, Rick and Morty duo Justin Roiland and[...]

'Utopia': Felisha Terrell, Dustin Ingram Join Amazon's Gillian Flynn Conspiracy-Thriller Series

Felisha Terrell (Shooter) and Watchmen's Dustin Ingram are set to recur in Gone Girl author-screenwriter Gillian Flynn‘s upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of British series Utopia, joining a cast that includes John Cusack (High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Sasha Lane (American Honey), Javon “Wanna” Walton (Euphoria), and Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day 2U)[...]

'Utopia': Happy Death Day 2U's Jessica Rothe Joins Amazon's Gillian Flynn Conspiracy-Thriller Series

Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day 2U) is set to join Gone Girl author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn‘s upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of British series Utopia, joining a cast that includes John Cusack (High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Sasha Lane (American Honey), and Javon “Wanna” Walton (Euphoria) With Flynn serving as the project’s creator, executive producer, writer, and showrunner, the nine-episode conspiracy-thriller received a straight-to-series[...]

'Utopia': High Fidelity's John Cusack Joins Amazon's Gillian Flynn Conspiracy-Thriller Series

Gone Girl author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn‘s upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of British series Utopia has a new name to add to The Deep State’s “list,” with our personal pop culture "spirit animal"* John Cusack (High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank) joining co-stars Rainn Wilson (The Office), Sasha Lane (American Honey), and Javon “Wanna” Walton (Euphoria) on the nine-episode series[...]

'Supergirl': Our Top 10 List of "Lexiest" Lex Luthors of All Time (TV/Film)

Let's not forget the likes of Powers Boothe, James Marsters, Chris Noth, Anthony LaPaglia, Jason Isaacs, James Woods, and Rainn Wilson also have tried their hand at voicing Luthor.The combined talents of all of these, plus just the sheer volume and excellence of Lex Luthor work in DC's animated works, are what makes the modern[...]

'Utopia': The Office's Rainn Wilson Joins Gillian Flynn's Amazon Conspiracy-Thriller Series

Gone Girl author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn's upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of British series Utopia has a new name to add to The Deep State's "list," with The Office's Rainn Wilson joining Sasha Lane (American Honey) on the nine-episode series With Flynn serving as the project's creator, executive producer, writer, and showrunner, the conspiracy-thriller received a straight-to-series order[...]

'Star Trek: Short Treks' "The Escape Artist" Mudd-ies the Waters [SPOILERS!]

The fourth and final (at least for now) Star Trek: Short Treks episode entitled 'The Escape Artist' premiered January 3 on CBS All Access, wuth the 14 minute short featuring (and directed by) Rainn Wilson (The Office) as Harcourt Fenton Mudd, known to Trek fans as Harry Mudd First appearing in Star Trek: The Original Series and portrayed[...]

Batman Hush Jim Lee Art

[RUMOR] 'Batman: Hush' Animated Film Adds Familiar Voices to Cast

The rumors do not specify characters either, but based on previous films and shows should make it easy to make some pretty educated guesses.New faces include Jennifer Morrison and Peyton List, while veterans Rebecca Romjin, Hynden Welch, Sachie Alessio, Jason O'Mera, Jerry O'Connell, Tara Strong, Rainn Wilson, Bruce Thomas, and Vanessa Williams are all seemingly[...]

'Star Trek' Short Treks: Trailer for Harry Mudd's "The Escape Artist" Episode

CBS All Access just released the first trailer for the upcoming episode of Star Trek: Short Treks which will focus on Harry Mudd, as played by Rainn Wilson.[caption id="attachment_962728" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/CBS © 2017 CBS Interactive[...]


CBS Announces 'Star Trek: Short Trek' 4 Shorts Coming

We know that CBS and CBS ALL ACCESS is looking at expanding their current slate of Star Trek on the streaming service, and apparently that's going to be starting with a set of 4  shorts called Star Trek: Short Trek.Three of the four stories will center on a key character from the Star Trek: Discovery series including Tilly (played[...]

Rainn Wilson Teases Return of Harry Mudd to Star Trek: Discovery

It would appear that perhaps Harry Mudd may be returning to Star Trek: Discovery, at least judging by a tweet from Rainn Wilson, who plays classic Trek character on CBS's ALL ACCESS series."Guess who's back?!" the tweet begins from Wilson, which also features an image of two Orions on either side of him.Guess who’s back!? (Ok, I’ll[...]

Jason Statham vs Largest Shark Ever in First Trailer For 'The Meg'

It's got everything!Aside from Statham, the cast includes Rainn Wilson (The Office, Star Trek: Discovery), Ruby Rose (xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Orange is the New Black), Winston Chao (Skiptrace, Kabali), Page Kennedy (Rush Hour, the tv series), Jessica McNamee (The Vow, Sirens), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The BFG, The Missing), Robert Taylor (Focus, Longmire),  Cliff Curtis (Risen,  Fear the Walking Dead),[...]

Star Trek: Discovery: CBS Beams Down New Premiere Pics, Description

Shenzhou encounters an object of unknown origin, putting First Officer Michael Burnham to her greatest test yet." Star Trek: Discovery also stars Jason Isaacs (Lorca), Doug Jones (Saru), Shazad Latif (Tyler), Mary Wiseman (Tilly), Anthony Rapp (Stamets) and Rainn Wilson (Harry Mudd) Alex Kurtzman, Gretchen J Berg, Aaron Harberts, Heather Kadin and Akiva Goldsman are serving[...]

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, And Horror Fuel AMC's New Development Slate

At this past weekend's Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour, the network announced over a half-dozen projects in development aimed at broadening AMC's sci-fi, fantasy and horror viewing audience.●  Untitled Rainn Wilson Sci-Fi Project: Wilson (The Office) stars as a "poly-addicted man living in the San Fernando Valley whose body is taken over by an[...]

Papa Smurf And His 99 Problems…

how exactly did that work? Was there a Mama Smurf? What is a Smurf anyway?They're video may have started more questions than it should've...Smurfs: The Lost Village comes out April 7th, 2017 and stars the voices of Joe Manganiello, Mandy Patinkin, Rainn Wilson, Demi Lovato, Jack McBrayer and Danny Pudi.https://youtu.be/5fzWA5m0tmM[...]

A Blue Monday As New Smurf Movie Cast Is Announced

Demi Lovato will be voicing Smurfette, Rainn Wilson will be Gargamele and Mandy Patinkin will be Papa Smurf.Get Smurfy will be in theaters in 2017.[youtube]https://youtu.be/1CFt3MjVbso[/youtube] And you thought Spider-Man got a quick reboot.. the Smurfs aren't long from their recent The Smurfs 2 film and already Sony Animation have the little blue guys going back to[...]