American Horror Stories S02E03 Promo: "Drive" Sounds Like Good Advice

With the next chapter set to hit Hulu screens this Thursday, viewers of Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's American Horror Stories were treated to a rundown of who they can expect to see when S02E03 "Drive" drops. As we saw, Bella Thorne, Anthony de la Torre, Nico Greetham, Billie Bodega, and Austin Woods will be part of this next round of nightmares. And now, we're getting a look at why the episode has the title that it does… and let's be honest? You really can't go wrong with the whole "serial killer driver on a dark night" theme, and that looks to be the case this go-around, too.

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So for a look at the next chapter of FX and Hulu's American Horror Stories Installment 2, S02E03 "Drive" (written by Manny Coto), check out the following promo:

And here's a look at the official cast reveal teaser released earlier today:

During this week's Television Critics Association (TCA) press event, FX Networks head John Landgraf was able to confirm that American Horror Story Season 11 will be hitting FX screens this fall. "'American Horror Story' Season 11 will not be another 'Double Feature,'" Landgraf confirmed back in March, where he also dropped a tease or two. "What I can tell you is that the concept for Season 11 is one story. It actually takes place in different timelines, but it's one subject, one story, with a beginning, middle, and an end, like many of the prior stories." That said, Landgraf admitted that he liked the "two mini-season" format that Double Feature went with. "I think it really was good. I liked the two shorter stories format. But I actually really like this idea too. I think it's really cool," the FX Networks chairman explained.

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With filming rolling in NYC this summer, we've seen a list of names rumored to be part of the cast of American Horror Story Season 11, from Lindsay Lohan to Sarah Paulson (who hinted previously that they may sit out this season). But now we have an update on filming from none other than award-winning news site EV Grieve, whose beat just happens to be the East Village NYC. A great source for some early film news on the Mr. Robot holiday special, the site is back with some great images of production set up for filming on Ninth Street (btw First Ave & Second Ave, and other areas). Filming under the name "Bandana" (Hmmm…???), the images showed a storefront made to resemble an 80s adult video store/theater as well as some era-appropriate vehicles on the street. Definitely worth a look, so make sure to check them out here.

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