episode 11

"The Flash" Season 6 "Love Is A Battlefield": A Tale of Two Iris [SCENE]

With this week's episode of The CW's The Flash, we already know that Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) learn firsthand that "Love is a Battlefield" – especially when Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) returns. Now while that's obviously a topic that should be at the top of the list to be taken care of, let's […]

"Supernatural" Season 15 "The Gamblers": Dean Knows When to Hold 'Em Know, When to Fold 'Em Know, When to Walk Away, and Know When to Hold a Knife to Someone's Throat [PREVIEW]

With The CW's Supernatural about to wrap up its series' run on the network after the current 15th season, fans have been throwing around a wide range of theories on what the series-ending season will mean for the Winchchesters – which is understandable, all things considered. Then again, when you tick off a "certain all-powerful […]

prodigal son

"Prodigal Son" Episode 11 "Alone Time": Is Bright's Family His Fatal Flaw? [PREVIEW]

FOX's crime procedural/serial killer thriller Prodigal Son returns Monday for the second-half of its first season run, and considering the midseason finale ended with Bright (Tom Payne) kidnapped by the "Junkyard Killer" (Michael Raymond-James) you'd understand why viewers are more than interested in seeing how it all plays out. Oh… we left out an important fact: […]