Batwoman Name-Drops Swamp Thing; A Corporate "Clown Prince of Crime"?

To say that the midseason finale planted a whole lot of seeds waiting to grow when the series returns in early 2022 would be an understatement (and we hope you like what we did there). Mary (Nicole Kang) now fully embraces her Poison Ivy persona and Marquis Jet (Nick Creegan) is ready to… how should we say this without spoiling anything yet? Hmmm… "turn the world on with his smile"? Yeah, we'll go with that. Add into the mix a missing Alice (Rachel Skarsten) who is now without nano-trackers and you can see why Ryan (Javicia Leslie), Luke (Camrus Johnson), and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) are going to have a tough time of things when the season resumes. But before we get to hear from Creegan about the iconic role he's about to take on, we thought we would clarify something we're pretty sure you head during "Pick Your Poison." If you thought you heard "since Swamp Thing" in the conversation about Mary's growing Poison Ivy abilities, you're absolutely right. The beloved, canceled-too-soon DC Universe (remember that?) series was folded into the Arrowverse after the events of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" showing that Swampy's Louisiana bayou was now located on Earth-19. What made this mention interesting is that it took place within the context of the Batwoman universe, which would put it on Earth-Prime if our memory serves us well.

Batwoman – Image: The CW/Warner Bros.

As for Creegan's Marquis, it's now safe to say that there's a new Joker ready to hit the mean streets of Gotham. Of course, that will have to wait since he now has full control of Wayne Enterprises. With his purple dreads, orange suit, diabolical smile, and willingness to kill with whatever he can get his hands on to do it, Marquis's Joker isn't an outsider looking in. No, this time we're looking at the "Corporate Clown Prince of Crime"- and Creegan offering some clues to what fans can expect in 2022 when the series returns.

Batwoman – Image: Screencap

"Fans have a lot to look forward to in terms of classic Joker memories. There are going to be certain situations, items, stories brought into the mix that the original Joker from the comic books has always had his hand on. Marquis will be tapping into certain things that will remind people of the original Joker," Creegan explained, without revealing too much. What he can say, though? Things aren't going to be easy for our heroes. "You can also look forward to him really giving the Bat Team a run for their money. The first episode after the midseason finale is going to be very intense and insane, and they're going to get a full dose of what Marquis has to offer. By the time we get to the end of the season, I think certain people's hair will go gray. It's going to be a stressful season for people who love the good guys."

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