Big Brother Season 23 Episode 29 Recap: A Time For Individual Games

We're now up to the twenty-ninth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article on how history was made this season on Big Brother. The final six houseguests to remain in the house became official in the last episode. Although a big step towards the final two that everyone's been waiting for, the history that the Cookout Alliance made was a significant moment for Big Brother. After celebrations, the petty attitudes from some members came out, even making themselves known before Alyssa left the house.

Big Brother Season 23 E29 Recap: A Time For Individual Games
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Kyland got annoying with his irritation over being put up next to Alyssa, knowing the votes were sending her to the Jury house. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kyland wanted to look for an excuse to go after people like Hannah or Tiffany once the Cookout made it to the final six, and this recent spat over being on the block helped him out with that. In any case, strategies became unique to each houseguest but what was common was seeing the immediate threats around them in everyone else. Xavier has shown his ego speaks above his gameplay after the conversation he had with Tiffany, reflecting on the past instead of true threats that will come up eventually, like Kyland for a big example. The men of the Cookout continued to show their true and petty colors in private conversations, especially when it came to Derek F who focused much more on Tiffany than the men right next to him. Sadly, a specific set of the Big Brother audience may not be surprised as the men target the stronger women.

Before anyone could get even more paranoid, the HOH competition arrived. The game involved everyone except Hannah who won during the double eviction night. High voltage and a poultry-themed villain's plan had houseguests attempt to maneuver eggs up a wire wall into the coop and next make sure eggs knocked over the switches, three to be exact, at the end of a movable panel. Before anyone could win, we got an insight into some strategy between Tiffany, Hannah, and Kyland making a pact privately for a "final three" alliance. While a lot of effort and patience was used by each contestant, one prevailed above the rest and it was Kyland.

Both Hannah and Tiffany went individually to speak with Kyland about nominations, with him seeing the threat of Xavier but still not accepting it fully. The nomination ceremony arrived, without much private conversation with Kyland coming from Derek F or Azah beforehand. Kyland made a decision in nominating Tiffany and Hannah. Either this is a method of working to back-door Xavier or it is a very big move to single out two women of color left in this competition. Personally, I see this nomination as something that would have been smart if for the correct reasons that involve threatening strategies from the two women, but I don't think it does. Instead, it feels like a reflection of fear of allowing women in on alliances past a certain point alongside men. We'll have to wait and see what motivations come forward with the Veto competition on Wednesday at 8 PM EST. on CBS.

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