Bout at the Ballpark: WWE to Turn Wrestlers into Sports Entertainers

A lot of people falsely claim that Vince McMahon forbids people in WWE from using the term "wrestling," but that's clearly not true. WWE is happy to use the term… when referring to amateur wrestlers they hope to turn into the "superstars" of tomorrow. In a press release, WWE promoted an upcoming amateur wrestling competition in Arlington, Texas on Saturday: the Bout at the Ballpark. The event will showcase wrestling teams from the U.S. and one from Mongolia, and WWE is hoping that some of the "wrestlers" of today can be the "sports entertainers" of tomorrow.

Bout at the Ballpark: WWE to Turn Wrestlers into Sports Entertainers

From the press release published on

Bout at the Ballpark which will include dual matches between Oklahoma State University, the University of Iowa and the United States senior national team and a team of International All-Stars, and a major women's international freestyle dual meet and a featured international Greco-Roman bout between the United States and Mongolia. Oklahoma State wrestling is the home of defending 197 lbs. NCAA champion and member of WWE's Next In Line inaugural class, AJ Ferrari.

Tickets for Bout at the Ballpark start as $15 and are available at The event will be broadcast live by FloWrestling.

WWE's sudden interest in wrestling follows the launch last year of WWE's NIL program, which aims to capitalize on new NCAA rules that allow college athletes to sign deals capitalizing on their names and likenesses. That's great news for WWE, which loves nothing more than to rub elbows with "legitimate" athletes in hopes of soothing the inferiority complex that has driven Vince McMahon to launch projects like WWE Studios, the World Bodybuilding Federation, and the XFL (twice) in a desperate need to be known as anything other than "that wrestling guy." We hope Vince is able to get what he needs out of all this, or at least, that some college athletes are able to make some money from it.

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