"Brews Brothers": Netflix Comedy Exactly What We Need Now [TRAILER]

Are you a fan of irreverent comedy and madcap sibling relationships? If so, do I have a show for you to look forward to! Brews Brothers is a new Netflix show releasing April 10, and it looks absolutely hilarious. It's been on my radar for awhile, but I realize it's flown pretty low to the ground in terms of hype, and I'm here to change that.

brews brothers

So, what is this show? No, it's not another live action attempt at Mario – it's about two brothers who run a brewery together, but have very different attitudes and methods in approaching it.

"They say opposites are supposed to complete each other, but you two together don't even make a normal person," says one of the characters in the trailer, and from the looks of it, that's accurate and makes for some comedy gold.

The show is written by real life brothers Greg Schaffer (That 70s Show) and Jeff Schaffer (The League), which explains why the work relationship between the two onscreen brothers feels so real and authentic (at least from what I've seen so far).

Alan Aisenberg and Mike Castle play the brothers Wilhelm and Adam; along with their friends Sarah (Carmen Flood) and Chuy (Marques Ray), they run Rodman's – a brewery in Van Nuys, California.

As if all that wasn't enough, I'm pretty sure I spotted a guest appearance by Flula Borg in the trailer, and I can't think of anybody more perfectly suited to be in a comedy show about German beer. I mean, just look at how experienced he is at drinking German beer (as well as, you know, being German).

I absolutely cannot wait to grab a pint (or several) and day drink as I watch Brews Brothers. Just…drink responsibly – laughing whilst sipping beer can be bad. Trust me on this, you do not want those suds spewing out your nose.

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