Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Episodes Guilty As Charged For Making Us Laugh

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine may be approaching its final season, but it continues to make an impression on fans like myself, who binge-watch favorite episodes on the regular. From the iconic characters to the repeated phrases, this series will be missed but at the very least we have our favorite moments to hold onto.

Top 10 Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes That Continue To Make Us Laugh
Source: FOX

Below are ten Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes that rank as some of my favorites, going from earlier to later seasons.

"9 Days" Season 3 Episode 12: The delusions from having the mumps, along with the general hilarious dialogue between Jake and Holt, make this episode funny while also being a sweet reminder of how much the squad cares for one another.

Top 10 Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes That Continue To Make Us Laugh
Source: FOX

"Cheddar" Season 3 Episode 18: When looking over Holt's house while he attempts to go visit his partner Kevin, the squad tries to find his dog Cheddar who escaped. Boyle holding a possum, after his Lasik eye surgery, thinking that it's a dog, is a big reason why this made the list.

"Coral Palms Pt 1-3" Season 4 Episodes 1-3: Holt and Jake going into witness protection in Florida for three whole episodes truly counts as one grand one. Brooklyn Nine-Nine started off the fourth season fantastically with this trio.

"Cop-Con" Season 4 Episode 17: The hilarious parts of every character truly arrive in this episode, and yet again Boyle makes me laugh when he becomes jealous of a robot.

Top 10 Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes That Continue To Make Us Laugh
Source: FOX

"HalloVeen" Season 5 Episode 4: Brooklyn Nine-Nine did a great job with a classic episode archetype involving the holiday while also exploring a big next step in Amy and Jake's relationship.

"NutriBoom" Season 5 Episode 16: The hilarious deep cuts on pyramid and multi-level marketing schemes are all too relatable. We've all had the former friend or distant family member tell us about an "opportunity you can't miss!", and Boyle's naivety is all too funny. Also, an iconic dark humor cold open, involving one unlucky pigeon, takes the cake.

"Hitchcock & Scully" Season 6 Episode 2: Witnessing the 80s aesthetics of the cold open, this episode brings us more information on the odd and always hungry duo when they explore a past case with the squad's help.

"Cinco De Mayo" Season 6 Episode 16: The annual Halloween Heist gets moved to a new date and a surprising victor makes this an iconic Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, especially for fans of the heist-centered plots.

"Pimemento" Season 7 Episode 3: The reappearance of Adrian Pimento, Jason Mantzoukas' character, follows the style of the film Memento as Boyle and Jake attempt to find answers to help their paranoid friend.

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