Cody Rhodes Explains How AEW Will Avoid Pitfalls of Marathon Tapings

During a conference call Wednesday ahead of the AEW Revolution PPV, Cody Rhodes discussed how AEW will handle tapings now that they have so many shows. Rhodes recognized the fatigue that can set in with fans forced to sit through the tapings of multiple shows in one event, which isn't just rough on those fans, but reflects in the excitement captured on camera for the show.

Cody Rhodes crashes through a table with Shaq on AEW Dynamite - Credit: All Elite Wrestling
Cody Rhodes crashes through a table with Shaq on AEW Dynamite – Credit: All Elite Wrestling

"We want to make sure fans have the best experience and it's not a marathon-style taping, as I have been part of in the past," said Rhodes, trying not to name names, but, come on. You know where. "Not at AEW, but I know how they feel and I know where they can kind of, they can, I'm trying to use the right word, they can linger and fatigue, especially for families. So we'll do everything we can to make it logistically and functionally correct." Rhodes gave shoutouts to AEW's production team, including Tim Walbert and Keith Mitchell, as well as Tony Khan for being the people who deal with that sort of thing."

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