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Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E08 Hits Some High & Low Notes: Review

On the penultimate episode of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, host Joel McHale felt outshined by special guest judge Ken Jeong, regular judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone invite the remaining five teams of bakers to piece together the clues in the mystery kitchen to make Ken's favorite dessert. In case you missed it, last week's episode saw Donte & Cory eliminated from the kitchen.

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The remaining teams Luis & Natalie, Erinn & Amanda, Lorie & JasonEmma & Leslie, and Thomas & Cathy all made opera cakes, owing to the almond flour, coffee liquor, "O" design on parchment paper, and french press in the drying rack. Thomas & Cathy and Lorie & Jason's opera cakes were cut into pieces while the remaining three teams made whole cakes, owing to the 7 and 9-inch markings on the ruler in the mystery kitchen.

Despite Cathy's flirting with guest judge Ken, the mystery kitchen dessert was a whole opera cake and the judges' favorite opera cake was made by Luis & Natalie, who won the extra clue going into the showpiece round. Speaking of the clues in the crime scene kitchen's main round, those were isomalt and molds, rock sugar, five 8-inch cake pans, a sketch of a tall cake marked "winter" with "Mother's Day" in the middle, salted caramel, and bananas.

Lorie & Jason as well as Thomas & Cathy made banana fault-line cakes with geode centers; Luis & Natalie and Emma & Leslie made banana geode cakes, and Erinn & Amanda are the outliers this episode with a spiced cake decorated with flowers, as was their interpretation of the "Mother's Day" clue. Perfectionist Emma melts down over their geode cake that's oozing caramel and looking a little bit of a mess, though far from the worst the show's seen.

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The mystery cake was a banana faultline cake with a salted caramel filling, decorated with emerald gemstones in the center and the winter-colored crystal shards on top. Thomas & Cathy win the round cementing their spot in the finals, as their cake was both delightful tasting and looking. As Erinn & Amanda were the only ones to miss the gemstone and banana clues, they are not advancing into the finals. Next week's round of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen is the finale of season one, which will see the remaining four teams go head to head where one will emerge from the mystery kitchen victorious.

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