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The season finale of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen is here and host Joel McHale is joined by judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone as the final four teams of bakers play dessert detective and recreate whatever was created in the crime scene kitchen Last week's semi-finals saw Erinn & Amanda leave the kitchen[...]
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After military vets Erinn & Amanda were given their marching order last week, viewers of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen knew what that meant Yup, we've reached our final four teams and the finale of the twisted baking competition's first season That means Joel McHale and judges Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp, are on hand one final time[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E08 Hits Some High & Low Notes: Review
On the penultimate episode of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, host Joel McHale felt outshined by special guest judge Ken Jeong, regular judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone invite the remaining five teams of bakers to piece together the clues in the mystery kitchen to make Ken's favorite dessert In case you missed it, last week's episode saw[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Episode 8 Preview: Fighting Until the Batter End
They were at risk the week before, but Cory & Donte won't have to worry about that heading into this week's penultimate round of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen Unfortunately for them, it's because the best friends were eliminated last week (with mom/son team Cathy & Thomas at risk that round) This means there's one more[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E07 Review: Christmas Is Coming Early!
Welcome back to FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, where host Joel McHale says some witty lines, Judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone look stern and judge-y, and the kitchen competition is heating up! All the remaining bakers in the competition are all together, meaning we are officially in the quarter-finals on this week's edition of Crime[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen E07 Preview: Dessert Detectives Will Rise and Fall
While best friends Cory & Donte were at risk of being eliminated in last week's episode of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, it was culinary school friends Jay & Thuy-Linh who were sent packing the smoke cleared That brings us one step closer to the "Finale" set for later this month, but before we get to[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Season1 e6 delivers 4th of July Desserts
This week in FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, it's a 4th of July spectacular with pies and special guest judge Aarón Sánchez from MasterChef He joins host Joel McHale and regular judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone for the dessert round in the Crime Scene Kitchen The last episode with this group saw Rebecca & Jean eliminated, leaving[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E05 Delivers Christmas in the Kitchen
The first group of bakers is back in FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen ready to decipher the week's new desserts With this being the final week for these bakers before the quarter-finals, there is no room for error in either round Regular judges Yolanda Gampp, Curtis Stone, and host Joel McHale are joined by guest judge Kelly Osborne,[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 episode 4 Stuns with Mystery Tower
Last week's episode of FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen saw the first group of mystery-solving bakers down to four, with only one more elimination to go for each group before the two are combined to face each other The last episode saw the first group of five bakers down to four, which will happen to this[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen season 1 episode 3 Challenges Dessert Detectives
This week, we're back in Fox's Crime Scene Kitchen with the first group of dessert detectives, which consists of Vegas pastry pros Luis & Natalie, culinary school friends Thuy-Linh & Jay, military vets turned pastry chefs Erinn & Amanda, and of course, the two Mother-child teams: Caroline & Carolyn and Thomas & Cathy[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen Second Week Premiere Brings New Mysteries
Welcome back to the Crime Scene Kitchen, sweet sleuths! This week we have a second premiere with a whole new group of 6 dessert detective teams ready to bake their way to the bottom of this mystery In case you missed last week's premiere, host Joel McHale and judges Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone guide[...]
Crime Scene Kitchen is a Dessert Detective's Delight
No, nobody's been murdered (apart from maybe some eggs) on FOX's Crime Scene Kitchen, but this kitchen is a crime scene that the teams of bakers-turned-CSIs have to decipher in order to re-create the dessert that was made Teams of two compete in two rounds to piece together the clues to bake the top-tier dessert[...]