Dark Side: Confidential Revisits Bruiser Brody; Abdullah Does Disco?

Following up on return looks at the death of "Gorgeous" Gino Hernandez, "The Montreal Screwjob," and the story of one of wrestling's "royal families," the Von Erichs, VICE TV's Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential host Conrad Thompson and docuseries creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener continue revisiting the past this week with a trip to where it all began. Re-examining the first episode of the docuseries' run, the trio offers never-before-seen moments as well as updates and their personal thoughts on the mysteries, controversies, and conspiracies surrounding the killing of Bruiser Brody. Here's a look at a preview of an unaired clip from the original series's opener as well as a trailer for tonight's "Confidential" update.

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With only hours to go, Husney and Eisener shared an unaired clip from their visit with Abdullah the Butcher at his home, where they had the chance to listen to his long-lost '80s disco song. Yup, you read that right:

Here's a look at the trailer for this week's episode- and don't forget what's still ahead for the remaining five episodes. April 6: "The Life and Crimes of New Jack"; April 13: "The Last Ride of the Road Warriors"; April 20: "The Final Days of Owen Hart"; and April 27: "Cocaine & Cowboy Boots: The Herb Abrams Story."

Here's a look back at the official trailer and overview for Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential:

Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential: Through deleted scenes, bonus clips, and new interviews, the trio will expand on the stories told in some of the most popular episodes of Dark Side of the Ring, tackling unanswered questions, taking viewers behind-the-scenes of the making of each episode and digging deep with special guests including Tommy Dreamer, The Blue Meanie, Savio Vega, and former WWE referee Mike Chioda. Each episode will explore a major moment from the series, including the Von Erich brothers' tragic deaths, The Montreal Screwjob, conspiracy theories surrounding Gino Hernandez's death, and more.

"We are putting the finishing touches on season three of 'Dark Side of the Ring'… and the excitement is building – but the fans absolutely demanded more, sooner!" said Morgan Hertzan, Executive Vice President and General Manager, VICE TV. "We wanted 'Dark Side' fans to know we're listening and we've made 'Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential' just for them– as a way to thank them for their incredible loyalty to this hit franchise with new, bonus content to tide them over. Evan Husney and Jason Eisner are masters of their craft and 'Dark Side' superfans will get to sit down with them to get the inside track on everything that's remained behind-the-scenes…until now."

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Before the year wrapped, Vice TV announced that two spinoff series would join the third season of Dark Side of the Ring in 2021. Produced by Jailbirds producer 44 Blue Productions, Dark Side of the Football will shine a light on stories that live in the shadows of America's favorite sport. It will explore the sometimes-flawed men behind the masks; the coaches, teams, and leagues who control their fates; and the untold story behind bizarre and tragic off-the-field events — facts often hidden to shield fans from discovering unsettling truths about the game they love.

Produced by America's Top Dog producer Railsplitter Pictures and Battle of the Blades producer Insight Productions, Dark Side of the '90s will look at the most captivating pop-culture moments, trends, and personalities of the decade through interviews with people who studied the time period. Each episode will dissect the nostalgia, uncovering the surprising dark truths underlying the glitz, the glamour, and the headlines.

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